Bank of America Affordable Home Loan Solution

The Bank of America Affordable Loan Solution Program helps people buy a home with a low down payment of 3% of the total property purchased.

Low priced debt resolution programs can be merged with gifts, down payment grants and closing cost assistance programs.

Buying a home from poor people saving enough money for the down payment is one of the biggest hurdles.

It offers a golden opportunity to buy a home with a low down payment and limited borrower financial contribution.

Additionally, the Affordable Debt Resolution Program makes home holding more accessible to middle-income borrowers.

There is no need to repay an advance or ongoing private mortgage insurance for the Bank of America Affordable Loan recipient.

Bank of America affordable loan gives lots of  opportunity to first or second-third time home buyers.

Low or without down payment mortgage programs at most provides for first time buyers, but this restriction does not apply to affordable debt resolution programs.

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