A Formal Letter Format, Template & Best Examples 2022

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A Formal letters are part of the letter. If you don’t know what is formal letter and how to write formal letter format, and its format, layout, template with best examples. In this article you will solve all the inquiries regarding formal letter.

What is formal letter?

A formal letter written for official purposes such as newspaper editor, bank manager, official correspondence, public representation, school/college principal or business purposes. It is written in a formal tone.

Note – A formal letter is not used for personal purposes, such as writing it to your family, neighbour, relatives, cousins, or friends.

How many types of formal letter?

There are different types of formal letter format are written for various conferences. Some types of letter in English are included below:

  • Enquiry letter
  • Official letter
  • Order letter
  • Cover letter
  • Sales letter
  • Recovery letter
  • Resignation letter
  • Complaint letter
  • Business letter
  • Letter to Editor
  • Promotion letter
  • Letter of job application

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How to write a formal letter format?

A formal letter format is written with the help of eight steps:

Sample of formal letter format

1. Sender’s Details

It is essential to mention the sender’s name and address in the left-hand corner at the top of the formal letter.

2. Date

Write the date in the proper format for the day you write the letter.

Date format should be like 15 June 20XX and not 15 June 20XX

3. Receiver’s Details

Write the position and address of the recipient of the letter in the correct direction, and this will help you reach the right destination.

The person’s position to whom the letter is to be sent has to be mentioned in the receiver’s address.

Suppose you are writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper. So write “The Editor” and just below write the newspaper name like “Times of United States.”

4. Subject

It is used that readers will know immediately what the letter is about? Try to write short, loud, and precise subjects in one line.

5. Salutation

A salutation is a greeting used formal letter writing; usually, we use dear with the recipient’s given name in the questions. However, if the name is unknown, we use Dear Sir/Madam or Respected Sir/Madam.

6. Body of the letter

The body format of formal letter consists of the actual message. It’s included at least three paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself, and briefly introduce the purpose of writing the letter.

Paragraph 2: The main reason for writing the letter and mention all the necessary details and information.

Paragraph 3. Try to write the last paragraph a little differently and mention what you expect from the letter.

7. Complimentary Close

The last impression of your letter is to express good wishes. It contains ‘Good Bye’ in general terms.

  • Regards
  • Yours sincerely
  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours truly
  • Yours respectfully

8. Name & Signature

It is the last step of your letter. Write the single name of the person whose write a letter must be signed as well. It will let the receiver know who wrote the letter.

Essential points of writing a formal letter format

These are the most important points, following these powers create a proper and professional letter.

  • Write the formal letter in passive voice.
  • Use formulaic and respected language.
  • Using a simple font will make your letter clear to the reader’s understanding.
  • The sentence structure of formal letters in long and complex.
  • Try to write a professional and official tone.
  • Use correct grammatical sentences and avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Leave a blank line between individual sections and paragraphs.
  • Do not mention unnecessary details in your letter; This can get the audience bored.
  • Before finalizing the letter, check the formatting error once thoroughly.
  • It is mandatory to mention these eight essential points in the format of formal letter writing…. Sender’s details, date, receivers details, salutation, subject, body, complimentary close, name & signature.

Formal letter example/template

Example: Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner of your city.

James Smith
462 Dygert Rd
New York(NY), 1331X

15 July 20XX

The Municipal Commissioner
River-view Dr Ellijay,
New York, 1493X

Subject: Regarding Poor Sewage System in Boring Road


Through this letter, I would like to draw your attention to sewage in my area. The people of our locality are face many difficulties due to the pipeline’s failure in the sewerage system. Monsoon season has started a few days back, our troubles have increased.

We have been facing unhygienic conditions in the house due to the problem of sewage. Due to floods a few days back and now pipe burst, children are facing a lot of difficulties in going to school and breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes and causing many diseases. Life is entirely barren.

Therefore I request you to kindly take this matter seriously as soon as possible and get rid of this problem from us.

Yours faithfully



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Here, you will learn how to write a formal letter format in English. Creating a professional formal letter format requires the proper guideline, and our team has provided all the required designs of legal formal letter format ideas.

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