How to Write a Letter? Formal & Informal 2022

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It can be daunting how to write a letter in any language, especially if it is your first time. But with these simple steps, you will be able to write a good and proper letter writing format through the process like a pro!

What is a letter?

A letter is a form of written communication that contains information or messages sent by one person to another in order to convey a message.

However, nowadays telephone, fax, e-mail, social media and many other platforms have replaced letter to deliver messages.

How many types of letter?

There are two types of letter writing:

Formal letter

Informal letter

Formal letter: A formal letter written for official purposes such as newspaper editor, bank manager, official correspondence, public representation, school/college principal or business purposes. It is written in a formal tone.

Note – A formal letter is not used for personal purposes, such as writing to your family, relatives, cousins, or friends.

Informal letter: An Informal letter is written for personal purpose to friends, classmates, neighbour, family members and other relatives .

It written in casual and personal tone even sometimes informal letters are also written in an emotional undertone.

Apart from this, you can get to see many letters, but grooms are also under formal and informal letter:

Formal letter Informal letter
1. Business letter
2. Cover letter
3. Resignation letter
4. Letters to the editor
5. Letters of job application
1. Love letter
2. Emotional letter
3. Letter to father
4. Letter to grandparents
5. Letter to a friend

How to write a Letter?

There are eight simple steps to keep in mind when write a proper and appropriate Letter:

Sample of letter writing

Step 1: Sender’s address

It is the first line of your letter.

At the top of the left side on the page, write your address in two to three lines.

The address must be precise, short and clear that’s reader understand easily.

Step 2: Date

Write the date in the suitable format for which day, while write the letter.

Date format should be like 15 June 20XX and not 15 June 20XX

Step 3: Receiver’s name/designation & address

Write the receiver’s name/position and address of the recipient of the letter in the correct direction, and this will help you reach the right destination.

Step 4: Subject

It is used that readers will know immediately what the letter is about?

Try to write short, loud, and precise subjects in one line.

Step 5: Salutation

It conveys – how want to greet anyone like dear father/mother/brother/sister or particular name as Dear William.

If you write a informal letter to a friend, don’t write dear friend, always write your friend’s name like “Dear William”.

Even if you write a formal letter to a senior person or official purposes, so before his name addresses Mr./Mrs. like “Dear Mr.  William”.

Note: Use a comma after the name [Ex-Dear William,]

Step 6: Body of the letter

The body format of a letter writing consists of the actual message. It’s included at least three paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself, and briefly introduce the purpose of writing the letter.

Paragraph 2: The main reason for writing the letter and mention all the necessary details and information.

Paragraph 3. Try to write the last paragraph a little differently and mention what you expect from the letter.

Step 7: Complimentary close

It is the last impression of your letter to polite and respectful manner such as ‘Your lovingly/sincerely/faithfully/truly/respectfully, followed by a comma.

Step 8: Name/designation of the sender

It is the last step of your letter.

In this way, write the single name of the person whose write a letter must be signed as well.

It will let the receiver know who wrote the letter.

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Essential Tips for Letter Writing Format

Write a professional and attractive letter, follow these some essential points:- 

  • Use simple and effective language & avoid long and complex words.
  • Start each word with a margin on the left-hand side.
  • Leave space between individual sections and paragraphs.
  • Write a letter in simple terms and A4 size paper.
  • Don’t make grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Do not mention unnecessary details in your letter; This can get the audience bored.
  • The primary purpose of the letter should be concise, focused, and straightforward.
  • Before finalizing the letter, check the formatting error once thoroughly.

A good examples of letter writing

You are Angela/Allen, Carnegie Vanguard High School, San Francisco. Write a letter to the Sales executive, Globe Electronics & Electrical, San Francisco, placing an order for a few wall fans, LED tube lights, geysers, and microwave ovens that you desire to purchase for the hostel. Also, inquire about the discount permissible on the purchase.

Carnegie Vanguard High School
San Francisco – 94016

07th June, 20XX

Sales executive
Globe Electronics & Electrical
Hyderabad -485487

Subject: Compulsory Electronic Goods

Dear Sir,

As the new semester of the school will start next month, we would like you to provide the following electronics items in the school hostel in the initial time so that the students do not face any problem.

Item Brand Goods

Wall Fan Havells 23

LED Tube-lights Philips 38

Geysers Bajaj 06

Microwave ovens Godrej 04

Please dispatch the items to the school any day before 5 pm. You are kindly requested to send the invoice after allowing an exemption for schools.
Payment will be made after scrutiny by the hostel team of the school after receiving the goods.

Also, please ensure the value of the goods. If any defects are found in the goods, we will return the entire goods without any payment. For any questions on your part, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.
Thanking you

Yours faithfully

(Hostel Warden)

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They are presenting “How to write a letter with best examples”. It is one of the best art for elders. Knowledge of grammar is essential to write a practical English. For Every purpose, write a different letter such as business letters, official letters, letters to the editor, and letters for the job application.

Here you have learned how to write letter; if there is any doubt related to letter writing format, then comment soon, and our experts will clear all your doubts.

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