Precis Writing Format, Rules & Best Examples 2022

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Precis writing format is one of the best art of summarizing any information in few words. It is a vital skill for students, writers, and professionals of all kinds.

A precis forces the author to boil down complex information into its most essential points. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of precis writing and offer tips for mastering this valuable skill.

What is a Precis writing?

A precis is like a summary. It is the gist or main theme of a passage that is expressed in as few words as possible in one third of the original content. It should be short, concise, clear and well connected.

What is the purpose of a precis?

A precis, or summary, is a short, concise version of a longer text. The purpose of a precis is to provide a clear, accurate overview of the main points of the text.

It is often used by writers and editors as a way to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a piece of writing. A well-written precis will help you to understand the text and to determine whether it is worth reading in more depth.

Importance of Precis writing format

Precis writing is a great exercise to improve your reading and writing ability. Forces you to pay attention to what you read and to express your idea clearly, concisely and effectively in fewer words. Due to which our focus greatly improves in English skills.

How to write a Good Precis writing

A precis is a brief, focused summary of a text. It’s important to be clear and concise when writing a precis, as this is what will be used to judge your understanding of the text. When summarizing a text, it’s important to remember to include the most important points only.

In order to do this, you’ll need to read the text thoroughly and identify the main points. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to get to writing! Be sure to organize your thoughts in a logical manner and use strong, concise language. Our Precis Writing guide will take you through the steps of writing a precis like a pro.

While writing any good precis remember few essential points:

  • Read the passage carefully to clearly understand it’s main theme or general meaning.
  • Analyze the passage in detail and underline or highlight the necessary sentence phrase or word.
  • Write a short and appropriate heading / title that expresses the main idea about the passage.
  • Prepare a rough draft before finalization so that errors are left to revise and edit again for submission the final precis.
  • Calculate the total number of words and precis one third of the total words.

Essential Rules for Accurate Precis writing format (Do’s and Don’ts)

These are some essential rules that provide a lot to enhance your skills in English grammar and writing a suitably precis writing format:

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  • Don’t include personal thought and opinion.
  • Avoid long and convoluted sentences.
  • It must be written one third part of the original passage.
  • It must be clear, concise and meaningful.
  • It should be written in the writer’s own words.
  • Double check spelling, grammar, idioms and punctuation errors.  
  • It written in indirect speech, third person and appropriate past tense.
  • Don’t copy any words, sentences and line to try shortening passage.

Precis Writing Examples with Solutions

You can easily understand how to write a precis with for these best examples for any types of purposes like; UPSC, SSC, CGL, CHSL, ICSE, CBSE or other competitive exams.

Example: Write a precis of the following passage carefully and give a suitable title:

Trees play an important role in our lives. They give fruits, flowers, medicine and shade to others and when themselves stand in the sun and bear the scorching heat. They give free air which brings lots of benefits if there were no trees in our life, then this whole place would have become barren.

The character of some good people in our life is also like a tree. What is the use of this mortal body if it is not used for the benefit of mankind. The more the sandalwood girl is rubbed, the more the fragrance enhances. Similarly virtuous people do not lose their virtues and serve others from the heart regardless of their life. Does it matter whether they die in the moment or live a long life? No matter what happens, the one who walks on the right path does not set foot on anyone else.

For one who does not live for others, life itself is unprofitable. Living just to live one’s life is equivalent to living the life of dogs and crows. Those who lay down their lives for the sake of others will surely live in the world of bliss forever. Considering the importance and value of trees in our life, we should respect trees to save life and environment.


Life of Good People

The character of some good people in our life is also like a tree. Those people do not lose their virtues and serve others wholeheartedly regardless of their lives. For one who does not live for others, life itself is unprofitable. Living just to live one’s life is equivalent to living the life of dogs and crows. Those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of others will surely live in the world of bliss forever.

What are the benefits of precis writing?

Precis writing is a skill that can be applied in all areas of your life. When you precis an article, you focus on the most important points and summarize them in a concise way.

This is an excellent exercise for developing your reading comprehension skills and for learning to think critically. In the business world, precis writing can be used to quickly analyze and summarize a report or to provide a brief summary for a client.

It’s also a valuable tool for students, who can use it to quickly summarize large amounts of information for exams. Precis writing is an essential skill that will help you become a more efficient and effective reader and thinker.

Conclusion: Precis writing format

A precis is a brief, condensed summary of a text or article. It is important to be able to write a precis effectively because it improves your understanding of the text, helps you learn how to analyze and critique a text, and teaches you how to write concisely.

The benefits of precis writing format, best examples, samples are that it improves your comprehension, analytical and writing skills. It is generally allotted in class CBSE / ICSE, UPSC, SSC and other competitive exams. If you have any problem with precis writing format, then you can provide information through comment.

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