Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Writing Format & Examples

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Analytical Paragraph class 10 – the written section in CBSE class 10 board exams, questions are alloted in the analytical paragraph topics.

What is an Analytical Paragraph?

An analytical paragraph is a form of descriptive writing in which we need to analysed a graph, pie chart, outline, table, clue, data or any kind of structure in text format.

The word limit of suitable analytical paragraph between 100-120 words. Must be use clear and respected language, as well as provide complete information about the chart in question.

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Features of Analytical Paragraph Class 10

  • Analytical paragraph describes the given graph, chart, outline, table, clue, data or any kind of structure.
  • It should be short, simple and informative (containing important points).
  • Use a single tense all over the analytical paragraph.
  • It must mention the facts which are layout by the chart.
  • Make sure to mention the numbers and quantities properly.
  • No personal statement or feedback should be added.

Format of Analytical Paragraph Class 10

The analytical paragraph format is divided into three main section:

1. Introduction

The introduction is the first line of your analytical paragraph. It tells the reader what the actual information.

It should be written in one or two lines and briefly describe what the given diagram represents.

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2. Body (Main Content)

It is the main part of your analytical paragraph, mention all the important details what the diagram is about.

The body part should be written carefully keeping following points in mind; Use relevant figure, make comparison, contrast and explain trends, divided into subparagraphs (if required).

3. Conclusion

The last section summarizes the diagram giving overall analytical information.  It presents in short line.

Get the idea of diagrams in a proper way. Organise information well, state the correct facts and summarise properly.

Important Tips to Score good Marks in the Analytical Paragraph Class 10

  • Use crisp and clear sentences.
  • Don’t change the facts of data.
  • It should be formal and accurate language.
  • Don’t make grammatical accuracy and spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t write the reason like – why is the graph increasing or decreasing.
  • Do not write the same word on the same line which will lead to lack of marks in CBSE class 10 exam.
  • Analyse the whole diagram 2 or 3 times carefully and understand it properly then write it down.

CBSE Marking Scheme of Analytical Paragraph Class 10

Read the Analytical Paragraph Writing Question in CBSE Class 10 properly and try to analyse it effectively so that you can score full marks from this topic.

total 5 marks will be prescribed in the analytical paragraph in CBSE exam.

Content: 3 Marks

Expression: 2 Marks (1 Mark – Grammatical accuracy, spelling and appropriate words + 1 Mark – Coherence, significance ideas and style, logical continuance)

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Solved Examples of Analytical Paragraph Writing English

Example: The given pie chart shows the data on hobbies of students during summer vacations.  Write an analytical paragraph in 100-120 words to analyze the data.


The pie chart illustrates five different types of hobbies that students took up during the summer vacation.

It is clear from the pie chart that 34 percent of the students preferred dance, which secured a majority. 27 percenr of students who contributed to photography preferred the second highest proportion. Singing is at the third place preferred by 19 percent of the students and playing at the fourth position in which 13 percent of the students have shown interest. The last group is yoga as only 7 percent of the students liked hobbies. It was the least favorite hobby of the students.

We can guess that during the summer vacations, the students chose dancing the most. Yoga was the most widely accepted option while it was the least taken up hobby.

Analytical Paragraph Class 10 – An analytical paragraph is an essential part for CBSE class 10 students if you are not able to crack this question in the exam then you will not be able to score 100% marks. It asks questions from Writing Skills Section B and has two options out of which one has to be answered. With regards to any Analytical Paragraph Class 10, join our team.

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