Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 & 12 [+ Best Examples]

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An attractive speech writing format CBSE always requires a great content.

You should know how you can prepare engaging content. It will help you to make your audience more attentive.

If not?

Here, you will leaen with the correct information about how to speech writing format for CBSE class 11 & 12th.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 & 12

What is Speech Writing?  

Speech can be defined as a formal manner of addressing an audience. A speech is an opinion of a speaker on a specific topic that he/she presents to the audience.

How to Write a Perfect Speech Writing?

Write a proper format of speech writing contains three elements:

These essential points you should use in your speech and how to use them properly. Please read them carefully and learn to use them with the examples given. “

1. Heading

Before Writing a Speech, you need to select the Heading first. Most probably, I will already give it to your questions. If not, then choose a short and catchy Heading for your speech. The Heading of your address should be brief (not more than 5-6 words). And it should present the message that what you are going to discuss in your speech.

  • Introduction

After selecting a catchy heading, you should introduce yourself. If you are writing a speech for an exam or something, you should add your introduction. But if you are preparing a speech for an audience, and someone already introduced you before, then you can skip your intro.

Now, how can you write an introduction? You can introduce yourself in two different ways, Formally and Casually. If you are writing a speech for your friends or a group of your known people, you can go for a casual introduction. Like “Hello Everyone! My name is ABC, most of you already know me! I am the most talkative student in our class”.

Otherwise, you can go with the formal introduction. For example, “Hello Everyone! Firstly, Thank You for giving your time to listen. My name is ABC XYZ (full name) and I am here to talk about…”.

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2. Opening Line

After introducing yourself, you need an attractive opening line to make them pay attention to your topic. Now, you have to submit your case with fine and brief detail. It should make a significant impact on your audience.

You can take a Rhetorical Question, A famous Quote, A Phase, or a Surprising statement as your opening line. It will attract the attention of your audience immediately.

How to Use:

A Rhetorical Question is a question that your audience can not answer. The purpose of these questions is to make your audience think. For example, “I am here to talk about necessary steps to be taken to control Pollution. Why? Because it is continuously increasing and affecting mankind and other living beings badly”.

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You can also use a Surprising Statement as an opening line. It is the most potent tool to catch your attention and make your audience attentive to you. For example, “Estimated 10 million hectares of forests disappear per year between 2015 and 2020”.

Similarly, you can use phrases, famous quotes, and other catchy lines to attract your audience’s statement.

3. Body/Content of A Speech

Now, the essential part of a Speech, Body. It is all about the content of your speech. So, let’s now discuss how you should add appropriate content to your address. Here, we have listed a few tips that you should keep in mind while writing your content.

  • You should always start with a short description of your topic.
  • Add about the ongoing situation, problems, issues, and whether betterment actions have been taken or not.
  • You can also add advantages and disadvantages if any.
  • You should keep the time limit on your mind. If you have a lot of points, then add the strongest ones and if you want to add all, make them short and meaningful. Additionally, if you don’t have enough points to add, add them in brief. Make them of 2-3 lines.
  • While adding points to your speech, make sure the first and last ones are the strongest.
  • Add your opinion and make it brief with reason.
  • In the end, in the Conclusion part, add suggested solutions for the problems that you have elaborated on in your speech. There should be a proper conclusion that can give a satisfactory ending to the audience. You can add “Thanks to the audience for their time and patience”, “Never leave anything without conclusion”, “Climax and Conclusion are what, we all wait for”, etc.

Marking Scheme of Speech Writing Format CBSE

A question of Speech writing format rises in CBSE/ICSE/State Board exams are basically in 10 marks from the English subjects in grammar sections.

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Every point and paragraph has a different value, so before presentation in exams, focus on the marking scheme and understand to indeed ways and access full marks.

Format: 1 Mark [Opening address and conclusion]
Content: 4 Marks [Body of Speech]
Expression: 5 Marks [Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings [2½]  Coherence and relevance of ideas and style [2½]  ]

Total: 10 Marks

Most Important Tips of Speech Writing Format CBSE

Here are the essential tips that you should keep in mind. These tips will make your audience more attentive and don’t let them get bored.

  • Never go out of the track. Stick to your main topic, and do not deviate from that.
  • Do not add unnecessary content to your speech; it can make the audience bored.
  • Use simple language so everyone can understand what you want to convey.
  • Add your opinion. And your idea and the message through the speech should be clear.
  • Make your audience think about what you are talking about.
  • The use of quotes can make your speech more attractive. You can also add sections at the ending of your speech.
  • Add surprising facts that most people don’t know. It will catch more attention from your audience.
  • Avoid long sentences and use short sentences with good English.
  • Write your speech using 1st person (I). Also, address your audience using the 2nd person (We). It will help maintain a connection between you and your audience. Use 3rd person to make them think about how the issue or the topic relates to them.
  • Use emotive language to engage more audience. For example, you can use words like “horrible,” “disappointing,” “corrupted” instead of using “Bad.” But make sure to Do not to use them unnecessarily!
  • You can use Personal Anecdotes to give your speech a life. For example, “When I was a child, my father told me to plant a tree on my every birthday.”

Examples of Speech Writing Format CBSE

Here is an example of speech writing format CBSE that you can take as reference and learn how to apply the instructions, which are mention above.


Hello Everyone! My name is ABC XYZ, and I am here to present a speech on Technology: BOON OR BANE? Technology is helping us in our everyday life. But is it BOON for us? Or is it a BANE for humanity? Unfortunately, the rapid increase in technological development has reduced employment opportunities.

Technology is behind all of the valuable tools and machines that we are using daily. It is helping us to save time, money, and effort. All this makes technology a boon for humanity. But this is only one side of technology. Usually, we don’t focus on the other side that could be a bane for humankind.

Technology is continuously replacing human labor that results in unemployment. Suppose we take India as an example, approx. Eight percent of total suicides every year are due to unemployment. Not only this, but because of technology, we face different environmental issues like Pollution (Air, Water, and Land as well), Global Warming, depletion of the ozone layer, etc.

In my opinion, the more we are dependent on technology, the more it is making us its slave. It is affecting our health and our environment badly. However, it is also helping us in different sectors. But there is a need to look upon both sides of the technology.

As I have started this topic, so a conclusion is needed. In conclusion, I want to say that although technology is helping us in different sectors, we have to make a limit on the use of technology. There should be a limit so we can maintain a healthy environment for all. With this, my words came to an end.

Thank You!

Speech Writing Topics for Students

  • Speech writing on republic day
  • Speech writing on child labour
  • Speech writing on environment day
  • Speech writing on world health day
  • Speech writing on the plantation
  • Speech writing on the importance of education

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Speech writing format CBSE class 11 & 12 – As you have learned above, how vital a conclusion is for whatever we start. Besides determination, other essential things to write great content are Proper Knowledge about the topic, the suitable Format, and Dedication.

And the same applies while writing a speech. So, I hope this article will help you to write a perfect speech. We have provided the ideal speech writing format CBSE and tips for a great speech. You can use them to make your audience more attentive to you. So, follow the instructions and start writing.

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