Letter Writing Format in English Formal and Informal 2022

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Letter Writing Format in English – It can be daunting to write a letter in a foreign language, especially if it is your first time. But with these simple tips, you will be able to breeze through the process like a pro!

Writing an effective letter is an art that everyone can write a good letter. Nowadays although telephone, fax, e-mail, social media, and other platforms have replaced personal (informal) letters.

A format of formal letters are still in circulation at the leading site. Commerce, trade, official correspondence, public representation, bank, complaints, and other dealings, transactions, and communication with people are still connected through letters.

Therefore, it is imperative to try the art and skill of letter writing. The letter should always use simple and effective language so that the person receiving the letter can understand the feelings.

Types of Letter Writing Format in English 

Different types of letters are written for various conferences. Some types of letter writing format in English are included below:

  • Business letters : Business Letters are written between one company to another or between such organizations and their customers or other external parties for much purpose like making enquiries/asking information, replying to enquiries/giving information, place order and sending replies, cancelling orders, registering complaints etc.
  • Official letters :  Official letters are written to inform offices, branches, subordinates for much purpose such as official complaint inquiries, requests / appeals, application forms, events, rules, regulations and procedures or other information.
  • Letters to the editor : A letter to the editor is written primarily to be published in magazines and newspapers. Generally it’s highlighted social issues, political and economic interest (suggestions on issue of public interest and expressing views on an issue already raised in an article/write-up/ in a published letter).
  • Letters of job application : A job letter has two types. One is a covering letter and the other is a bio-data. The Cover letter is written to discuss qualities and aptitude. Job letters include seekers as well as personal data such as name, address, qualifications and experiences. Bio-data mention personal experiences and achievements. It should be characteristic of all personal details in a specified format like qualifications, experience and references.

Eight things Must be Written while Writing a Good Letter

  1. Sender’s address
  2. Date
  3. Receiver’s name/designation and address
  4. The Subject of the letter
  5. Salutation
  6. Body of the letter
  7. Complimentary close
  8. Name/designation of the sender
Letter Writing Format in English Formal and Informal
Sample of the letter writing format

Marks Distribution for Writing a Suitable format of Letter

Letter writing comes from the grammar portion in the examination. Which a total of 6 marks will be awarded.

Desire to secure full marks in the exam so write attractive, creative and meaningful letter, and be careful not to exceed 120-150 words.

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  • Format: 1 mark (Sender’s address, Date, Receiver’s name/designation and address, Subject of the letter, Salutation, Complimentary close, Name/designation of the sender).
  • Content: 3 marks (Introduction, main content, and conclusion).
  • Expression: 2 marks (Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words, spellings Coherence, and relevance of ideas and style).

Essential Tips for Letter Writing Format

Write a professional and attractive letter, follow these some essential points:- 

  • Use simple and effective language & avoid long and complex words.
  • Start each word with a margin on the left-hand side.
  • Leave space between individual sections and paragraphs.
  • Write a letter in simple terms and A4 size paper.
  • Don’t make grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • The primary purpose of the letter should be concise, focused, and straightforward.

Letter Writing Format Samples / Examples

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Business letter Writing format Sample:

Q1. You are the librarian of St. Paul Senior Secondary School. You had placed an order for textbooks with Bright Ideas Bookstore. As the books did not arrive on time, you have decided to cancel the order. Write a letter to the Manager, Bright Ideas Bookstore, California, cancelling the order.

St. Paul Senior Secondary School 38, Wall Street
California- 90001

26th March,20XX

The Manager
M/s Bright Ideas Bookstore
23 Las Vegas, California- 96162

Subject: Cancellation of Our Order BK-99/121

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to our above order dated 18th February,20XX for various textbooks for our school students, in which the last date of delivery was 26th February,20XX.

We regret that the ordered books have not been received.

As the new terms & condition of the school has started, we are forced to cancel the above order, as you have not complied with the delivery date and when you expect delivery of books. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours faithfully


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Sample of Business Letter Writing Format

Q2. You are Angela/Allen, Carnegie Vanguard High School, San Francisco. Write a letter to the Sales executive, Globe Electronics & Electrical, San Francisco, placing an order for a few wall fans, LED tube lights, geysers, and microwave ovens that you desire to purchase for the hostel. Also, inquire about the discount permissible on the purchase.

Carnegie Vanguard High School
San Francisco – 94016

07th June, 20XX

Sales executive
Globe Electronics & Electrical
Hyderabad -485487

Subject: Compulsory Electronic Goods

Dear Sir,

As the new semester of the school will start next month, we would like you to provide the following electronics items in the school hostel in the initial time so that the students do not face any problem.

Item Brand Goods

Wall Fan Havells 23

LED Tube-lights Philips 38

Geysers Bajaj 06

Microwave ovens Godrej 04

Please dispatch the items to the school any day before 5 pm. You are kindly requested to send the invoice after allowing an exemption for schools.
Payment will be made after scrutiny by the hostel team of the school after receiving the goods.

Also, please ensure the value of the goods. If any defects are found in the goods, we will return the entire goods without any payment. For any questions on your part, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.
Thanking you

Yours faithfully

(Hostel Warden)

Letters to the editor format Sample:

Q3. You are Jack, 34 Boston Post Road, New York. Write a letter to The New York Times; many stray animals are seen on the highway during the day’s busy times. These animals are becoming very fast, causing accidents with traffic jams. Earlier, they have written to the authorities concerned, but no action has been taken so far. 

34, Boston Post Road,
New York -10001

15th August, 20XX

The Editor
The New York Times,
New York -10005

Subject: Troubles Faced by Stray Animals


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, whenever I go through the highway, accidents of stray animals have often occurred there; not a single day has happened. On day highway has not seen a jam because of the homeless animals’ peoples on the route.
These animals not only cause traffic jams but also cause a large number of accidents. Three days before today, I saw a monkey chasing a biker. A bike drove fast for fear of a monkey, but an accident occurred. Yesterday, a bull chased a four-wheel vehicle from behind due to giving a traffic light signal, causing heavy damage.

I have complained to the authorities many times, but no action has been taken on their behalf. Those animals are proving to be a threat to themselves and the ordinary people. My request to the Municipal Commissioner, please solve this problem soon.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


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FAQ: Letter Writing Format In English Formal and Informal

 Q1. What is a formal letter?

Letters written for official purposes are known as formal letters, such as writing to the collector, letters to the editor, manager, director, etc.

Q2. What is an Informal letter?

Letters written for personal purposes are known as informal letter writing such as family such as write to parents, siblings, friends, classmates, neighbors, etc.

Q3. How many types of formal letter writing topics?

Many types of formal letter writing topics include writing a letter to the editor, business, official, job application resumes, writing letters for complaints in school, etc. 

Q4. How do you write a closing letter?

When closing your letter, be sure to use a courteous and professional tone. You can generally use one of the following phrases: “Sincerely,” “Best,” “Wishing you the best,” “Regards,” “Kind regards,” “Cordially,” “Yours truly.”

Q5. How do you write a body of a letter?

The body of your letter should be easy to follow. Begin by specifying the purpose of your letter. Next, provide a brief introduction introducing yourself and the person you’re writing to. After that, it’s time to start getting to the point. Paragraphs should be succinct and to-the-point, with each one addressing a specific issue or topic. Finish up by summarizing what you’ve said and reiterating your main points. Don’t forget to thank the person you’re writing to for their time!

Conclusion: Letter Writing Format in English

They are presenting a Letter writing format in English. It is one of the best art for elders. Knowledge of grammar is essential to write a practical English. For Every purpose, write a different letter such as business letters, official letters, letters to the editor, and letters for the job application.

Here you have learned how to write letters; if there is any doubt related to letter writing format in English, then comment soon, and our experts will clear all your doubts.

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