Article Writing Format Topics & Best Examples 2022

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Article Writing Format: Write a quality content is a great sign of your success.

Success means creativity, clarity and continuity.

Every year in class 9, 10, 11 and 12th examination – the format of article writing questions is allotted.

So, today you will learn “how to write article“.

What is an Article Writing Format?

An article is a highly and directional piece of writing for large audience that is published in a newspaper, magazine, journals or blog through print or electronic medium.

It is the great way of spreading news, research results, academic analysis or debate.

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How to write article format

Article writing format is divided into three section.

1. Heading / Title

It is the first line of your article, highlighted the theme and write a catchy and appropriate title to grab the reader’s attention.

It written in 5 to 6 words.

2. By (writer's name)

It refers to the name of person writing the article. That the reader can know by whom the article has been written. It written immediately follows the heading.

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3. Body

It is the main parts of your article, divided into three sub-categories and written in 2-4 paragraphs.

  • Introduction

It’s Written in two to three lines with a brief introduction of the topics and summarized the article by giving quotes or shocking facts to pique readers’ interest.

  • Main content

It also deals with two or three paragraphs.

And required to do a complete analysis of the subject matter in question.

State the different points of the topic – quality, frailty, causes, significance, effects, advantages, disadvantages and give your corrective suggestion,

  • Conclusion

It is important to conclude, what’s your topic.

Never leave an open article.

When elaborating any problem, you always have to mention the steps being taken to rectify the situation as well as suggest some solutions.

This paragraph should be short and precise.

Guidelines for article writing format

These are some important guidelines that will help write a great article format in English.

  • Use casual, informal language.
  • It is usually written in third person.
  • Underline all the important point.
  • Write heading in capital letters.
  • Give a heading that will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Be sure to double check for grammar accuracy and spelling mistake.
  • Always start writing articles at the top of the page.
  • Articles divided into at least 3 paragraphs. 
  • Leave a blank line for paragraphs distinction.
  • Don’t put unrelated ideas in your article.
  • Focus on target (what is the article about).
  • Word limit of article must be 150-200 words.
  • All line of the article should be logically be based on purpose of what the article is written about.
  • Read articles in some newspapers and note the pattern.
  • Explain briefly all the relevant and important points.

Article writing topics

There are the some current topics for article writing format:

  • Write article on highlighting the child labour.
  • Write article on highlighting the exercise and yoga.
  • Write article on highlighting the global warming.
  • Write article on highlighting importance of education.
  • Write articles highlighting work from home jobs.

Marking scheme of Article writing format CBSE/ICSE

The brilliant and creative format of article writing determines your 100% marks in the exam.

Every year, CBSE / ICSE Class 6 to 12th Exam questions are allotted, and students are confused that how many marks will be given if the article format is good.

Here, you will know how many marks are given for writing articles.

Format (heading and writer’s name) 1 Mark
Content 4 Marks
Expression (grammar, spelling, continuity, writing style, etc.) 5 Marks
Total 10 Marks

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Sample / Examples of article writing for students

Child Labour

by Rahul Swaraj

Children are the future of our country and every child has full right to education and healthy life. Child labor refers to children who have not attained the legal age to work.

Making any kind of work from the child affects their bright future and health.  Legislative provisions have been made to prevent child labor. But such children who do not even have the means to eat and drink, they work to earn a modest income or support the family, sacrificing personal development.

Gradually the children in the fields, factories and construction workers provided cheap and complaint free labor force. Involvement in all these activities is considered a crime.  Like many other countries, the Indian government has also made strict laws against it. But the situation is much better than before but still many child laborers are hiding in many corners of the world.

Therefore, the problem of child labor should be considered and addressed in a society where parents can understand the value of their child’s education. We only have the power to get rid of child labor, if every single person of the country works together. This will open the doors of bright future for the children.

Practice questions of article writing

Q1. A few days back, while coming home from outside late at night, you saw that your neighbors were coming home on foot in a drunken stupor and knocked on the door of the house when his wife was sleeping, then opened the door late due to which she abused him. Making aware of this thing started giving, write an article in 150-200 letters for your nearest newspaper.

Q2. Your family has just moved from Delhi to Manali in Himachal Pradesh a few days back, where there are lush green flowers, fruit bearing plants and cool icy places where people from all over the world come to visit, where you can enjoy nature. Write an article on it in 150-200 words. You are a class 10 student Sonam/Sumit.

Q3. You are a student of Vivek / Vishakha class 12th, water is provided in every house through the Nal Jal Yojana in your locality. To fulfill the need of this water, this scheme was taken out by the government, but there are many people who leave the tap open considering it to be free water, even in the time of summer they take bath for hours without any meaning and need in the tree put more water. Keeping in mind the conservation of water, prepare a suitable article in 150-200 words.

FAQs: Article writing format

Q1. What is the format of writing an article?

Three essential components of the format of writing an article:

  • Heading
  • By ( writer’s name)
  • Content of the article

Q2. Is article written in a box?

An article is not written in boxes.

  • Suggest:

Formal letter

Diary writing

Informal letter

Message writing

Advertisement writing

Up to article writing class 12: You are regrets of article writing format CBSE class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. If write article on providing this ideas. You will guarantee full marks achieved in your exams. So read carefully of article writing format effectively.

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