Message Writing Format & Best Topics for All Classes 2022

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The best message writing format requires right guidelines. Every year – message writing topics questions are allotted in class 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9th English exams.

But the student doesn’t know how to write a suitable format of message writing. So, don’t worry – Here you will learn how to write message writing, with practice best examples.

What is Message Writing Format?

Message writing is a short pieces of conveying information from one person to another for any reason.

Sometimes, the message’s through the medium of telephonic, but the person to whom the message is intended is not available. Another person receives and pass through the written format.

Message Writing Format Sample

Make sure to follow these five elements while writing a proper format of message:

  • Heading: At the top, the “MESSAGE” will be written in bold and capital letter in the middle.
  • Date & time: At the bottom of the left side the page, write the date and right hand side write the time, That day you are writing the message.
  • Salutations: Before writing the main content (body) of the message, it is very important to address the reader so that one avoids making any mistake and appears polite.
  • Body: This is the main content of writing the message, provide all the information that you will have to tell the person you are unable to contact. Include all important information in it so that it attracts the attendant.
  • Address: When you have written the body of the message, on the left side of the page, write your name or what is given in question, so that the reader can know who has sent the message.

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Remember Key Points of Message Writing Format

  • Message should always be enclosed in a box.
  • Word limit should not exceed 50 words.
  • Use appropriate language that the reader is comfortable reading.
  • Don’t make grammatical accuracy and spelling mistakes.
  • Include the correct date and time when composing the message.

Marking Scheme of Message Writing Format

A question of message writing format is a total of five marks asked in CBSE, ICSE, and State Board examinations from the grammar portion’s English subject.

Solved Questions for Message Writing

Question 1.

You are Rajan, receive a phone call from your father’s office Mr. Rahul, when his absence. Draft the message not more than 50 words following this conversation when you will going to the library.

Mr. Rahul: Hello, is this 98417854XX?

Rajan: Yes. May I know who’s calling?

Mr. Rahul: I am Rahul Singha. Can I talk to Mr. Agrawal?

Rajan: Father is not at home. Do you have any messages for them?

Mr. Rahul: Yes, please tell him to come to the office tomorrow at 11 am, there is an urgent meeting with the manager. Could you please give him this message?

Rajan: Okay, I’ll give him this message.

Mr. Rahul: Thank you.



17th April, 20XX 10:00 am

Dear father

Mr. Rahul called from your office on the telephone saying that the inform tomorrow will be urgent meeting with the manager at 11 am.


Question 2.

You are Rohit. I receive a phone call from Sumit today. You had the following telephonic conversation with Sumit, friends of your elder brother. Write a brief message for your brothers when you will have to go to the playground.

Sumit: Hello, is this 87689546XX?

Rohit: Yes. May I know who’s calling?

Sumit: I am Sumit, a friend of Karan. Where is he?

Rohit: He has gone to father’s office. Can I help you?

Sumit: Oh, sure. Please tell him that he will be taking math notes and geometry box intuition class because tomorrow will be a math test. Could you please give him this message?

Rohit: Okay, I’ll give him this message.

Sumit: Thank you.



08th March, 20XX 10:00 am

Dear brother

Sumit had called upon you when going to father’s office. Today, he had informed me that I would bring math notes and a geometry box to tuition class because tomorrow will be a math test.


Question 3.

You are Ishika, going to tuition class, receiving a phone call from your father’s and told that he would be late and that he would not be able to attend dinner because of an important meeting. Please write a message to inform your mother, who has gone to meet her friend at her house.



15th November, 20XX 12:30 pm 

Dear mother

The father called to tell that he would be late from the office due to an important meeting, adding that they would not attend the dinner either.


Practice Question of Message Writing for Students

Question: You are Prince, receive a phone call from your brother’s friend Kunal. Write the message, not more than 40 words, Including this conversation when you will going to tuition class.

Kunal: Hello is this 96876345XX?

Prince: Yes. May I know who’s calling?

Kunal: I am Prince. Can I talk to Pranav?

Prince: He is not at home yet. Can I help you?

Kunal: Yes, Please tell him that today’s math class will start 1 hour late as teachers will come late. Can you give him this message?

Prince: Okay, I’ll give him this message.

Kunal: Thank you.

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FAQs: Message Writing Format

Q1. How to write a message?

Write a proper format of the message that contains five essential points that attract a reader; Heading, Date & Time, Salutations, Body and Addresser.

Q2. Is message writing written in a box?

Yes, a proper format of the message is always written in a box with a maximum of 50 words as an informal or formal note.

Q3. How do you write a Class 6 message?

If you want to write a good message for class 6 so, follow these 5 key points;

  • Write only valuable points.
  • Always write the message in a box.
  • Do not make any grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Do not mention any new information in the message.
  • Write a proper format of date day time.

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Message Writing Format for All Classes

CBSE and ICSE board exams, the question of “message writing format” is captured from the grammar section.

Many students are confused about how to convey the message writing format and collect full marks.

You follow the top five points above and always include a message writing format fitted in a rectangular box that consists of a valuable line and tries to write short messages.

There are the same patterns message writing format class 6.

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