The Format Of Informal Letter Writing & Best Examples 2022

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The format of informal letter is the part of letter writing. It plays an important role in English writing skills. Many exams in India like CBSE, ICSE, SSC, and other competitive exams questions allotted from the informal letter topics.

What is the format of informal letter?

An Informal letter is written for personal purpose to friends, classmates, neighbour, family members and other relatives.

It written in casual and personal tone. Even sometimes informal letters are also written in an emotional undertone.

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Note: The Format of informal letters written in many ways, everyone writes to their own styles.

Purpose of writing an informal letters

The format of an informal letter written to express feelings and emotions shared with family, friend or any relatives.

In case of any event, celebration and personal occasions, an informal letter is written to send invitations to maintain contact on festive and personal occasions.

How to write format of informal letter

The format of informal letter must have consists 6 components:

1. Sender's address

It is the first line of informal letter.

At the top of the left side on the page, you will write your address in two to three lines. Even the address must be precise and clear that’s reader understand easily.

2. Date

After placed the sender’s address drop a row and write date in correct format (Ex: 2nd March 20XX).

3. Salutation

It conveys – how want to greet anyone like dear father/mother/brother/sister/bestie or particular name as Dear Rahul.

If you write a informal letter to a friend, don’t write dear friend, always write your friend’s name like “Dear Rahul”.

Even if you write a letter to a senior person, so before his name addresses Mr./Mrs. like “Dear Mr.  Rahul”.

Note: use a comma after the name [Ex-Dear Rahul,]

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4. Body of the letter 

It is the pillar paragraphs of your letter. According to marking scheme body of the letter occurring highest marks in any exams.

Actually, body of informal letters are divided into three sub-categories, understand properly each categories effectively.

  • Introduction: write in it, what is the purpose of letter.

The purpose of the letter as well as written in the first paragraph for the first impression such as;

  • How are you?
  • I’m fine here.
  • How is life treating you?
  • I received your letter.
  • I hope you are doing well.
  • Main content: It is best ways to attract the reader through the letter. Main content of the letter conveys all the necessary details and information.

Whenever write a letter to a friend, you can deal with the own language. But when writing a letter to the elder, treat it with respect and consideration.

  • Summary: In this, explain the reason of writing a letter with Summaries the letter and it is the last impression say goodbye to a meaningful and affectionate reader.

Also don’t forget to write a letter reply or invite to write back. It’s proving continuing the conversation.

5. Complimentary Close

It is the best way to end of the letter in a polite and respectful manner such as ‘Your lovingly/sincerely, followed by a comma.

6. Name & Signature

It is the last part of the format of informal letter. In this line, write the single name of the person whose write a letter must be signed as well.

Solved Examples of Informal letter


You are Subham living in Gabdhi Ghat, New Delhi. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your birthday party.


94/A Sector 13

Prabhu Co-operative Society

Mumbai- 842561

2nd March 20XX

Dear Karan,

It has been a long time since I heard from you. Where have you been? I hope you are in good health.

I have decided to celebrate my birthday on 21st March in the evening in my house. I have arranged for puppet shows and some very interesting games. If you come for my birthday celebration it would be a great pleasure for me. I have invited all our friends and I think you will really enjoy the party.

I hope you don’t have any big plans that day. Without you my birthday celebration will be truly incomplete. Please do not disappoint me. I am really very excited to be with you on my special day. Hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Don’t follow these points while writing informal letter

Many students stand some common error while writing informal letters due to which they lose marks in CBSE, ICSE or other exams. Therefore, don’t follow these points while writing informal letters.

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  • Don’t repeat any information/details in the letter.
  • Never write subjects and the receiver’s address in the format of informal letter.
  • Don’t use disgusting words to make the letters effective.
  • Never create grammar and spelling mistakes in the letter.
  • Don’t cross the word limit prescribed in the questions.

Follow these points while writing informal letter

Applying these points in the format of informal letters you can make effective and valuable letters. By following these points you can score full marks in the exams.

  • Drop a blank line, when write the every column like sender’s address, date, salutation, body content, complementary close and name.
  • Date will be written in correct format like 22nd March, 20XX.
  • The content was written in casual tones.
  • Follow the exclamatory sentences and use active voice in the format of informal letter.
  • Use a proper format and presentation that makes your letters effective.

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Important Topics for format of informal letter

Some important topics of informal letter writing, which are more likely to appear in the examination.

  • To Inviting a friend
  • Congratulate a friend
  • Congratulate daughter to her academic success.
  • Elder brother asked for guidance to choose right career.
  • About getting a good percentage in examination to her sister
  • Letter to your mother that you have reached home

Marking Scheme of informal letter

If you will give good presentation in English subjects question papers for the format of informal letter then no one can stop you from getting full marks.

Format of informal letters topics questions arises in 5 to 10 marks but most of cases questions arise on 6 marks.


Sender’s address
Body of the letter
Complimentary close
Name & Signature  
01 mark
Content (Body of the letter)

main content
03 marks

Grammatical, appropriate words and spellings accuracy
Coherence and relevance of ideas and style  
02 marks
Total 06 marks

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Here is all the information about the format of informal letter writing for your CBSE, ICSE and other exams.

Without a doubt, consider the format of informal letter line by line, and avoid making mistakes that cut the marks in your letter.

By understanding all the points, you can write an informal letter and get full marks in the exam.

After analyzing all these information about the format of informal letters, if you have any doubts, then ask questions through comments.

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