The Format of a Business Letter Writing & Best Examples 2022

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Before writing the format of a business letter first, you must have to know what is letter and which parts of business letter comes from the letter.

A letter is written message on paper conveyed from one person to another through the medium of post.

There are two types of letter:

  1. Formal letter
  2. Informal letter

What is a Business Letter?

A business letter is a formal letter written for business purposes from one company to another or an organization between their customers, employees, clients and individuals.

It includes enquiry about new stock, soliciting courses/information, responding to enquiries letters received, placing, ordering and sending acknowledgment, cancelling order, etc.

Types of Business Letter

There are many types of business letter but some types are given below:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Order Letter
  3. Sales Letter
  4. Complaint Letter
  5. Resignation Letter
  6. Apology Letter
  7. Request Letter
  8. Thank You Letter
  9. Recommendation letter

The Format of a Business Letter

A business letter format is accomplished in eight simple steps:

1. Sender’s Details

The sender details have to be write in the top left corner of the letter which will be the first line of the letter so write proper address.

2. Date

Write the date just below the sender’s address after leave a blank line on which you are writing the business letter.

The best examples of proper format for date:

  • UK Ex- 15 March 20XX
  • USA Ex- March 15, 20XX
  • India Ex- 15th March, 20XX

3. Receiver’s Details

Write the name, position and address of the recipient of the letter in the correct format, so that the letter reaches the correct place.

4. Subject

It is used that readers will know immediately what the letter is about.

Write the short, loud and precise one line subject that will allow readers to pay attention on your letter.

5. Salutation

A salutation is a simple greeting that pays respect to the person in front.

You can write a salutation depending on how well you know the person or for the purpose of writing the letter.

Generally we used “Dear” with the first name of recipient. If the name is unknown in that cases you may use Dear Sir/Madam or Respected Sir/Madam.

Greet with a colon not a coma after writing an appropriate salutation at the end.

6. Body of the Business Letter

It is the main part of your business letter and it contains the actual message.

Body of the letter usually uses three paragraphs but may be shorter or longer.

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself, and briefly introduce the purpose of writing the letter.

Paragraph 2: The main reason for writing the letter and mention all the necessary details and information.

Paragraph 3. Try to write the last paragraph a little differently and mention what you expect from the letter.

7. Complimentary Close

It expresses respect to the recipient.

Some of the best examples of complimentary closes:

  • Yours truly
  • Yours faithfully
  • Yours sincerely
  • Regards
  • Yours obediently
  • Yours respectfully

8. Name of the Writer

Write the full name and Signature. This will let the recipient know who wrote the letter.

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Sample of the Format of a Business Letter

Appreciate all the sticks points properly and get utmost confidence in the format of a business letter.

Sample of the Format of a Business Letter

Best Examples of Business Letter Writing

Question: You are the librarian of St. Xavier’s Public School. You had placed an order for textbooks to Thanaram & Sons. You have decided to cancel the order due to the books not arriving on time. Write a letter to the Manager of Thanaram & Sons, Houston, cancelling the order.

St. Xavier’s Public School
19, Main Street
Houston -400050

12th April, 20XX

The Manager
M/s Thanaram & Sons
47/B Chicago

Subjects: Cancellation of Our Order GTS/57/34/78

Dear Sir,
Kindly the order date for various textbooks for our school students was 7th March, 20XX, in which the last date of delivery was 31st March, 20XX.

We regret that the books ordered have not been received by us.

As the new class of the school has started, we are bound to cancel the above order, as you have not followed the delivery date and also not informed us that by when will you expect the delivery of the books  .

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter. 

Yours faithfully
LK Singhaniya

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Guidelines for Writing an Appropriate Business Letter Format

These are some key points of the format of a business letter – that will make the layout and structure even better.

  • It should be clear, concise and precise.
  • Never use abbreviated, fashioned and short language.
  • Use simple, appropriate and formal language.
  • Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Addresses of senders and receivers are usually written in 3-4 lines.
  • Always use single spaces and leave a blank line after each paragraph.
  • Don’t mention unnecessary details that will bore the audience.
  • Write a reader friendly business letter that will draw readers to your side.
  • Before finalizing the format of a business letter, do a one-time error check.

Business letter written from one to another person for formal purposes. It written in formal and dignified language and considered of eight components.

The format of a business letter also require for school and college students. Most of probably question comes from this topic. Student want to secure 100% marks then the format of a business letter writing based on above method.

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