Formal Letter Topics for All Classes 2022 (50+ Attractive)

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Topics for formal letter

A attractive formal letter topics prescribes lot of marks in your examination. The formal letter are written for official purposes such as letter the Editor, a manager, school / college principal, teachers or other professional purposes. It written in formal tone.

Formal Letter Topics

Letter of the Editor
  1. Highlighting the importance of cleanliness.
  2. Reckless driving on the road.
  3. Focus the environmental pollution on your locality.
  4. Complain about the poor condition of the highway.
  5. Share electricity problem in your locality.
  6. Highlighting the evils of dowry system.

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Letter to the principal
  1. Suggest the principle to some improvement in the school.
  2. Asking for permission for taking karate classes.
  3. Change the timing of online classes.
  4. Requesting leave to attend a competition in another school.
  5. Asking for leave to attend a basketball training camp.
  6. Requesting her to increase time of the school library by an hour.
  7. Inquiry about online classes during covid 19.
  8. Asking permission to make a garden inside the campus?
Official letter
  1. Letter to district officer for loan waiver
  2. letter to army officer for marriage leave
  3. Letter to the block officer for agricultural grant
  4. Letter to the concerned officer congratulating him for the progress
  5. Letter to the CEO officer to issuing residential certificate

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Letter of job application
  1. Apply for jobs on compassionate grounds
  2. Restoration of the post of teacher to the district officer
  3. Block officer for the post of computer operator
  4. Apply to police department for job
  5. Application form for job in hospital
  6. Letter for job apply for teacher
  7. Letter for job after husband’s death
  8. Letter for job in IT company
Sales letter
  1. Letter for sale to used car
  2. Consumers to buy a new product
  3. Letter to marketing manager for selling product
  4. Consumer to introduce a new product to buy
  5. The answer to why you cancel a sale item
  6. Letter to sale to second hand car
Resignation letter
  1. Teacher resignation letter to principal
  2. Resignation letter due to health issue
  3. Better job find resignation letter
  4. Resignation letter in pharma company
  5. Resignation letter for security guard
  6. Resignation to superintendent of police due to less salary

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Enquiry letter
  1. Enquiry regarding opening of account in bank.
  2. Investigation of garden construction in college campus.
  3. Equivalence of English Speaking Course in School.
  4. Enquiry letter for purchase of goods.
  5. Enquiry about job vacancy in the company.
  6. Enquiry for admission fee in class 7.
  7. Enquiry letter about short term course.
  8. Enquiry from company for new marketing plan and branding.
Letter of complaint
  1. Complaint of indecent behavior of security agent.
  2. Fraud transaction complaint letter to police.
  3. Complaint letter for defective product.
  4. Complaint letter for delay in service.
  5. Complaint letter for water supply in Municipal Corporation.
  6. Complaint letter for illegal construction in the locality.
  7. Complaint letter against a person with unprofessional behavior
  8. High electricity bill complaint letter for electricity meter
  9. Complaint letter to bank manager for refund of money

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Follow 8 steps to write a proper format a formal letter

The essential components of writing a proper formal letter are:

  • Sender’s Details/Address: 
  • Date
  • Receiver’s address
  • Subject of the letter
  • Salutation
  • Main Contents (Body)
  • Complimentary Close
  • Sender’s name, signature and designation 

Guidelines for writing a great formal letter: Formal letter Topics

Some Important Guidelines for Writing Formal Letters:

  • Try to write a professional and respected language.
  • Quit a line between each paragraphs.
  • Grammatical error plays a major role so, avoid these types of mistakes.
  • Formal letters are always written in the passive voice.
  • To lengthen the letter – don’t mention unnecessary details in the formal letter.
  • Check the error once again after finalizing the letter with eight essential components.

Formal letter topics– This blog provides formal letter topics for CBSE/ICSE class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

About this you will provides how to write a proper formal letter topics and best examples.

Grab 100% marks understand each point effectively and rotate here regarding the topics for formal letter.

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