Advertisement Writing Format for Class 12th 2022

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It is very important to have the right guidelines to write a proper and creative advertisement writing format for class 12th. Here, provides the superior guidelines and short ways to learn easily how to write an advertisement with best examples.

Advertisement writing format for class 12th

An Advertisement means selling, buying, marketing anything, etc. It refers to public information or services about their products. It’s displayed through TV, radio, Newspaper, social media and other public and government places.

It is one of the most critical components of advertising and marketing.

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Use of advertisement/ Importance of advertisement

Advertising is used to provide information about missing people, animal’s goods, persons, etc. It all advertises on TV, radio, social media and Newspapers/magazine.

You will understand properly through this example:

If any customers do not realize which items are good or bad for them.

Through the advertisement, customer gets the correct information about the products, which helps buy or sell. Now, it is the best way for promoting sales, services and businesses for buying, selling and promotion.

  • Suggest: Excluding the Advertisement Writing Format for Class 12 English Exams, Section B consists of essential questions on this topic:

Types of Advertisement Writing Format

There are two types of advertisements:

  • Classified Advertisement
  • Display or Commercial Advertisement

What is Classified Advertisements?

The purpose of classified advertisement is to express more by paying less. They are abbreviated as they change per word or column/line according to the space they occupy in the newspaper. Ads are classified or classified as categories according to their subject matter.

Types of Classified Advertisements

There are many types of classified advertisement writing format:

  • Situations Vacant
  • Situations Wanted
  • Requirements
  • Sale and Purchase 
  • To Let
  • Missing 
  • Accommodation
  • Lost and Found
  • Matrimonial
  • Obituary
  • Educational
  • Travel and Tours

Tips for advertisement writing format for class 12th

  • Always design a great and creative ad so that readers can focus on your content.
  • Never create a grammar and spelling mistake that gives bad response on your ad.
  • Write advertisements in easy and effective language.
  • Advertisement should not exceed 50 words and the title should be in bold letters.
  • Advertisements should always be written in short words, and adequately explain the advertiser’s product.
  • The Format of advertisement put in a box.
  • Put contact details (contact number or email id) in the end of advertisement.

Tips: If you want to write an attractive advertisement, you can use a newspaper and report an advertisement in clear language.

Marking scheme of advertisement writing format

It is necessary to have one question allotted in the classified advertisement topics in CBSE / ICSE class 10th to 12th board exams.

If you want to score full marks in this and the advertisement is also great then marks will be awarded according to these scheme.

  • Format (heading) : Proper heading/ classification advertisement will test the following value points. [ 1 Mark ]
  • Content : Include contact address, phone number. [ 2 Mark ]
  • Expression : Grammatical accuracy, spelling (Don’t spelling mistake) [ 1 Mark ]

Examples of advertisement writing format for class 12th

Some of the best examples of advertisement writing format for class 12th are given below.

Which is likely to be allotted in the CBSE / ICSE Class 11 and 12 Board Exams. If you want, you can write advertisements on this basis.

#Sample 1
#Sample 2

Question 1. An appeal was filed in 50 words addressing the people of his country, including a request to donate for Kargil war martyrs. This appeal is scheduled to be published in the Newspaper. Sign yourself as Aman/ Suman, Head Boy/ Girl, St. Paul Senior Secondary School, Newdelhi.

Everyone knows that the country’s brave martyrs sacrificed their lives during the Kargil War to maintain our national honour. Everyone is requested to donate generously to the martyr’s family Prime Minister Relief Fund. Your collection should reach the undersigned by March 2, 20XX.
Head Boy
St. Paul Senior Secondary School

Question 2. You want to sell your flat. Draft an appropriate advertisement in not more than 50 words to be included in a local paper column giving all the flat’s necessary details. Sign yourself as Sumit/ Saniya, Head Boy/ Girl, DAV Public School, Bengaluru.

Sale Apartment
Available Apartment at S-88F Krishana Road, Mumbai, for sale. Bringing in the sunlight from, the attached bathroom, the drawing-cum-dining room complete with attractive painting, premium fittings and fixtures, CAVANU MARBLE flooring and all the family amenities.
For a reasonable deal,
Contact: 628486289X or E-mail: [email protected]
Advertisement Writing

Question 3. You want to sell your car, and you are going abroad. Draft an appropriate advertisement in less than 50 words to be published in the classified column of Hindustan Times, giving the car’s required details. You are from Rohit / Rohini, Shyam Colony, Karnataka.

Car for Sale
Top model KTM RC 390 Automatic Black, single holder, power steering central locking system, superior running condition, totally insured, owner going out of the country.
Contact us: Rohit 89125468XX,
36, Shyam Colony, Karnataka

Question 4. You are Anjali / Ankit, passed his IIT entrance exam in college. You want to sell your IIT Spring High School practice materials. Advertise in a newspaper coming to your city in more than 50 words.

For Sale
The IIT exam’s available practice material from Basant High School in good condition and Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics practice papers, including English, solved a range of subjective and objective subjects.
Selling at a very reasonable price.
Contact: Anjali, Boding Canal Road, Bihar
Mob: 9563879XXX

Question 5. Your sister has been missing for two weeks. Write an advertisement to be published in times of India newspaper which is less than 50 words.

Photo Missing-Person
My Sister, Neha, was missing since June 30, 20XX. She was last seen at Kurchi Road while shopping with friends. Eight years old, 6 feet tall. Fair skin, black-brown hair, Speaks confidently (English & Hindi). She was wearing a yellow top and black jeans.
Finders will be suitably rewarded.  
Inform B56, Gokuldham Housing Society, Kerala
Call: Amritesh 68489235X

Question 6. You have lost your wallet on the MKW bus. The area where lost the wallet published in an advertisement of more than 50 words for the ‘Lost and Active’ column of the area’s Newspaper.

Lost & Found
I, MS Chaudhary, lost a brown wallet on bus number 987, driving MKW from Kashipur on August 15, 20XX. The wallet contains a debit card, PAN card, driving license, identity card, and twenty thousand cash. Show concern and return immediately. The finder will be rewarded appropriately.
Contact: GS Malhotra, D-23 Saket, Delhi.
Phone 983708218X

Question 7.  Looking for a matrimonial alliance with a high IT professional based in London and a beautifully educated, cultured and well-guided Punjabi family girl. Give an appropriate advertisement in the Newspaper for the ‘matrimonial’ column of a national daily.

Bride Wanted
Invited for a beautiful, tall and cultured IT professional, aged 21 years, 8 feet tall, as the CEO of the prestigious firm of NRI living in London, a lovely, highly educated and cultured girl from 21 25 5 feet 4 inches tall.Status Punjabi Family only.
Send details and photos. [email protected]

Question 8. You are the headmaster of a Lakshya Paolo Centre. Write an advertisement of not more than 50 words for publication in a newspaper for admission to many different courses in your institute.

Lakshya Paolo Centre Institute offers one year diploma courses in Computer Science and Computer programming language. Eligibility-qualify 12th exam any recognized board, batches of 15, subdivided into four groups for Practical lab /field employment. Superb ability, fee 18000 payable monthly. Last date for online submitting applications April 30.  
Contact: Head Master LPC,
Ph: 9875856XXX.
E-mail: [email protected]

Question 9. Write an advertisement in more than 40 words in the ‘Educational’ column of a newspaper for an institute offering various courses.

Get result BDSD, MDF basic English and frequently speaking, personality progress, conference, assembly discussion with publicity, community speaking, Ananya Advanced English classes & Communications, SFD 454, BCA Road, Patna.  
Email: [email protected]

Question 10. Apart from Ananya Travels Mk 9, Kailash Complex, Maharashtra Consultancy and Replacement Facility offer the lowest air tickets to any destination through the airline. Draft an advertisement for publication in a newspaper; write more than 50 words.

Travel and Tours
Cheapest Air Tickets and train tickets offered for all airlines and destinations, Dubai, UAE895243, consultancy, Consultancy and Replacement Facility.
Visit: Ananya Travels Mk 9, Kailash Complex, Maharashtra
Phone : 84845XXXXX

In CBSE Board exams, advertisement writing format is asked almost every year. Adversity is of 4 numbers. The most accessible questions of the writing section are that students can quickly bring more numbers in it.

FAQs: Advertisement writing format for class 12th

What is the format of writing an advertisement?

Three important things should be emphasized while drafting an advertisement writing format:

Format (1 Mark)
Content (2 Mark)
Expression (1 Mark)

What are the types of advertisement?

There are two types of advertisement writing format:

Classified Advertisement
Display/Commercial Advertisement

How many marks are prescribed for advertisement writing format in CBSE?

If your question presentation is good, then you should provide five full marks in advertisement writing format.

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Analytic Paragraph format

Above, mention the (advertisement writing format for class 12th) all important and necessary details which you learn properly way to write a suitable advertisement format class 12.

You have any doubts or questions. In understanding or writing the advertisement format is touched by the message in the comment box, I will chase you all over.

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