The Enemy Summary & Important Questions of Class 12th

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The Enemy Summary – NCERT Class 12 English Vistas Book – Chapter 4 The Enemy Summary author name Pearl S. Buck (Pearl Sydenstricker Buck). He was an American writer and novelist, born on June 26, 1892.

This article describes the enemy summary, theme, word meaning, explanation, message, necessarily short, long, value-based questions solution. Mainly CBSE class 12th board exams questions asked in the chapter of the enemy.

The Enemy Summary & Important Questions of Class 12th

The Enemy Summary

The lesson, The enemy, dates back to World War II. This story is a heart-wrenching depiction of the strife between man’s head and heart. During the war, an American prisoner can kill an eminent Japanese surgeon and scientist. Found near Dr Sadao’s house.

Dr Sadao is worried that he used to perform his duty or show patriotism while being a doctor, but he wanted to save the prisoner. It was complicated for him to decide that he would allow him to rule by playing with heart.


Dr Sadao was a famous Japanese surgeon and scientist. He lived in a house on the Japanese coast, and the place was situated on the rocks above a beach thicken by cedar trees.

He frequently inspects the South Sea islands with his father. His father was a traditional person. He never joked and suffered a lot for his son but never mentioned it.

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He used to worry a lot about Sadao’s studies, even sending Sadao to America to complete his studies. Sadao’s father incited him to the values ​​of patriotism and national allegiance while he was fresher at the time.

Sadao was not sent with a soldier after World War II began, as he was about to do a search that would completely heal the wounds at once. While doing this, Dr Sadao was treating a person against the General.

When Sadao met Hana

According to his father’s wish, when Sadao went to study America, he lived in professor Harley’s house, but that night there was no one in the professor’s house. She then met a new student, Hana.

Sadao thinks her meeting with Hana was just an accident, but Sadao waits for Hana until she realizes she was Japanese. Because her father never approves of marrying Hana, Sadao and Hana come to Japan after completing their studies and marry traditionally according to their father.

It was evening, and Sadao and his wife Hana used to sit in their house and enjoy the golden seashore. After a while, they saw something black. He was a man when Sadao and his wife look properly.

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A man appeared floating then lost the chip. Sadao said that he would kill the fish, but he could be hurt because the rocks there were very dangerous.

When Sadao said this, the man was injured. Hana realized that he was a white man, a fellow young and unconscious. Soaked the man blood, Sadao saw his shot, the man was groaning in pain.

Sadao wanted to end that man and throw him in the sea. When Sadao knew that he was an American prisoner, so Sadao Thora was impressed.

Hana wanted to give asylum to the man, but Sadao thought he would face trouble if he gave him refuge. Sadao stuck between his duties under being a doctor.

After some time, both Sadao and Hana decide that the injured man will take home because if he not treated at that time, he would have lost his life.

Sadao thought of telling his servant the whole thing, but he did not tell him not to say the entire something to Polish. The injured man had not eaten for a long time.

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Sadao took the wounded man to his father’s bedroom, but his father never let a foreign man or similar come into his room.

The injured man was filthy and needed to wash, Hana asked her servant Yumi to clean her, but she was frightened and advised to hand over the wounded man to the police.

When Yumi confesses to washing the injured person, Hana tends her herself.

Dr Sadao was ready to conduct the injured man; Sadao told Hana that the man needed to given an anaesthetic. Hana never saw anyone’s operation, and she started getting nervous, due to which she vomited.

Sadao was irritable and impatient with his enemy because, at that time, he could not help Hana in distress. The man was moaning in pain and dripping water drops from his eyes.

Hana helped her husband immensely in operation. Hana saw deep wounds on the person’s neck. She thought that the stories of the war she had heard to date were true or false.

She remembered that General Takima was a ruthless man who did not spare even his wife.

The Enemy Summary & Important Questions of Class 12th

Interestingly enough, Hana was able to assist her husband in operation. Hana saw dark red marks on her enemy’s neck. She wonders if she had heard the torture stories of the war.

He remembered that General Takima was a ruthless man who did not spare even his wife. Sadao also described the enemy as his friend, and he managed to carry out the operation. Eventually, he was successful in firing the bullet.

Hana took good care of him because his servant refused him not to wash the injured man. When Hana spoke to the man in English, he asked his name, and he told his name Tom that he was American.

Hana also lived in America for a long time. Dr Sadao was worried about whether or not to inform Polish.

The servant said that if his enemies stayed in his house, he would leave the house and leave. The servant thought that the Americans liked him, and on the seventh day, the servant left the house.

Sadao tried to explain clearly that all Americans were his enemies.

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A messenger in a government uniform arrived at his house the same day. Hana was so scared he was unable to speak anything. He thought that the uniformed Sadao had come to arrest him.

But the messenger had come to tell Sadao that the General needed him, then Hana breathed peace. Sadao saw Hana in tension, so Sadao decided to get rid of the man.

Sadao told the whole thing to the General, and the General knew that Sadao was unavoidable for him. He never relied on any Japanese doctor to date.

He promised Sadao that he was safe and nothing would go wrong with them. The General would then send his killer to kill and remove his body from there.

He told Sadao that when the blond person sleeps, leave the outside part of his room open. After that meeting, Sadao spent three hectic days waiting for the killers. But they did not come.

In the end, he planned from Fir that he endured a lot, but the enemy had not yet come, he decided to get rid of the enemy himself.

Sadao Helps the Enemy

Tom is now fully recovered and in dire need of escape because the news presence had spread worldwide. Sadao arranged for her to leave. She gave food, drinking water, a boat and her flashlight for the dark.

If he needed to eat tom’s food or something, Sadao told him to burn the torch twice and that his escape program was night so that no one could see him. Hana did not even know about this whole plan.

After a few days, Sadao realized they can now talk the whole thing to the General. Dr Sadao told him that the prisoner had escaped. Sadao told the truth to the General, and then he accepted the fact.

He was suffering a lot, but the General told Sadao that he should not give information about this to anyone.

That night, Sadao waited for a long time to burn the torch on the seashore, but when no light was burning, Sadao understood that he had reached his country safely.

Sadao remembered the moments he had spent in America after coming home and wondered why he could not kill his enemy.

The Enemy Summary Class 12 – Important Questions

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FAQs – The Enemy Summary

Q1. What is the theme of the lesson the enemy?

Ans. The enemy story is about the Second World War between the Japanese and America. This chapter Mainly focuses on all human-made biases and obstacles with humanism. Dr. Sadao elevates the morality of the profession in operating the American. This lesson is an excellent sign of humanization, kindness, and antagonism, and nationalism.

Q2. Mention the name of The enemy Class 12 characters?

  • Dr. Sadao Hoki
  • Hana
  • Tom
  • The General
  • The Gardener
  • Yumi
  • The cook
  • Sadao’s father
  • The American Landlady
  • Sadao’s Anatomy Professor
  • General Takima

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The Enemy short story Summary – Through this chapter, the enemy shows that Dr. Sadao was a surgeon and famous scientist. He lived in a sea area. As he and his wife Hana were sitting near the house in the evening, they saw an injured man who soaked in blood, and he was an American man. As a doctor, Sadao was worried that he would treat him or do patriotism, knowing this from the enemy summary text.

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