The Enemy Question Answers Class 12 English NCERT 2022

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The Enemy Question Answers class 12 – Many students are confused about getting better marks in the board exam. He is unable to get the right concept and solution.

In this notification, you will get The Enemy question answers Class 12 English NCERT vistas book chapter 4 with – solved important, short, extra, value-based, and all types of solutions.

The Enemy Question Answers Class 12 NCERT

(1) Dr. Sadao was compelled by his duty as a doctor to help the enemy soldier. What made Hana, his wife, sympathetic to him in the face of open defiance from the domestic staff?

Ans. Dr. Sadao was obliged to help the enemy soldier because it was his duty as a doctor to do so, while for Hana, it was a human gesticulation. Hana’s love, thoughts, and sympathetic nature are dyed. She also appreciated her husband and followed his pattern by helping the enemy soldier.

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(2) What explains the attitude of the General in the matter of the enemy soldier? Was it human consideration, lack of national loyalty, dereliction of duty, or simply self-absorption?

Ans. The General was utterly self-absorbed in his problem, and Drs. Sadao Could not stands. If he was arrested for helping the enemy soldier, the general lacked any human thought or national allegiance. He was not disregarding his duty because he had given Dr. Sadao was informed that he would send the assassins to kill the American soldier. However, he later forgot all about it.

(3) Who was Dr. Sadao? Where was his house?

Ans. Dr. Sadao Hoki was a famous Japanese doctor and scientist. He completed his doctor’s studies in America. He lived in a house that’s surrounded by cedar trees on the Japanese coast.

(4) Was Dr. Sadao likely to be arrested on the charge of harboring an enemy?

Ans. It was unlikely that Dr. Sadao was arrested for harboring an enemy. Dr. Sadao was doing the general treatment. If he is arrested, there will be no one to operate the General in case of emergency.

(5) What did Dr. Sadao and his wife do with the man?

Ans. Dr. Sadao and his wife Hana took the injured man to his home and helped him a lot. Dr. Saddo first operated on him and saved her life. When any of the servants wanted to enter their room, Hana washed him and served her. Also, help him survive. Dr. Sadao ultimately helped him escape from protection.

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(6) What did Dr. Sadao do to get rid of the man?

Ans. The presence of the enemy Created many problems for Dr. Sadao. Hana, struggling with trouble, should have got rid of him now. He first stays for the General to get the person murdered. However, failing this gave the man a boat with groceries and escorted him to a neighboring island. He instructs her to wait for a Korean ship that takes him away from there.

(7) Did Hana help the wounded man and wash him herself?

Ans. Yes, Hana helped the injured man. The injured American was in a terrible condition and had to be washed before the operation, so Hana washed the man himself because his servants refused to do so.

(8) Does the story remind you of ‘Birth’ by AJ Cronin that you read in Snapshots last year? What are the similarities?

Ans. There is much similarity between the two stories. Two stories are about doctors who use their skills with the complete skill to save the lives of humans, who are almost dead. Both stories throw light on feelings of duty, selfless feelings, love, and sentiment.

(9) Is there any film you have seen or novel you have read with a similar theme?

Ans. The story is based on a sense of duty, selflessness, and love for a partner. There is a film with a similar theme, titled ‘My Name is Khan’. The combatant in this film avoids the flood in his friends’ lives, guided by a strong sense of humanity and moral duty. They try to protect a town from the flood without fearing for his life.

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The Enemy Question Answers of Previous Year CBSE – Short Types

(1) Why did the General not order immediate arrest of Dr. Sadao, who had sheltered a white man?

Ans. When Dr. Sadao was treating the General. They then knew that Sadao was one of the best surgeons available and could not afford to lose it if Dr. Sadao was apprehended. There would be no skilled doctor like him to work generally in case of emergency. Therefore, he gave Dr. Sadao’s immediate arrest was not ordered.

(2) How did Hana help Dr. Sadao?

Ans. Hana helped Dr. Sadao take the injured American soldier home, and he washed the white man’s body and helped Sadao in operation by giving the patient anesthetic. She even worked as a nurse for the patient after the surgery. She thus supported her husband in all her conclusion and, without fear, impeded her sense of responsibility.

(3) What forced Dr. Sadao to be impatient and irritable with his patient?

Ans. The injured man needed an operation immediately, or he would have died if he had not been operated on at that time. Hana was with Sadao when he started working on the prisoner. Hana, who had never seen an operation in her life, started vomiting. Sadao wanted to help him in the crisis but could not leave his sufferer. Due to this him impatient and irritable.

(4) What made a cool surgeon like Sadao speak sharply to his wife and what was her reaction?

Ans. When Sadao started working, the bleeding started, due to which Hana was suffocated at that time. Sadao sternly notifies him not to faint because the injured man would indeed have died if he had stopped. Hana placed a hand on her mouth and ran out. Then Dr. heard Hana’s vomit.

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(5) Why had Hana to wash the wounded man herself?

Ans. The wounded soldier was filthy. It was imperative to wash it before doing any treatment. Hana asks her maid Yumi to wash it. Yumi said that he had never washed a white man. Seeing his fierce resistance, Hana returned, and he washed the wounded soldier by himself.

(6) How did Dr. Sadao ensure that the American sailor left his house but he himself remained safe and secure?

Ans. Dr. Sadao awaits the General’s assassins to assassinate the first American. Nevertheless, the murderer did not arrive. After this, Sadao himself arranged a boat and helped Tom escape. He later tells the General that the prisoner has broken out. The General felt that too much care was being taken to forget about the case. The whole thing is mentioned, then he can be accused of negligence in duty. Similarly, Dr. Sadao ensured that the American left his home but remained safe and secure himself.

(7) How did the writer indicate that Dr. Sadao’s father was a very traditional and conventional man?

Ans. The writer has very clearly indicated that Dr. Sadao’s father was a very traditional and conventional man. Sadao did not marry Hana until she knew she was Japanese because her father did not accept her. The older man never let any foreign objects enter his chamber.

(8) Why did the messenger come to Dr. Sadao? What did he think about it?

Ans. The messenger came as the General was sobbing with pain; at that time, Dr. Sadao was in great need there. He thought that this is the best time to get rid of the white man, at least for his wife’s sake, because she was too scared.

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(9) Why did the General spare the American soldier?

Ans. The General was in pain condition. He forgot the promise to Sadao that his assassins would take care of the American soldier, that is, kill him. Sadao waited for them to arrive, and when they did not, he helped Tom escape from the boat. That is the reason General spare the American soldier.

(10) Why was Dr. Sadao not sent to the battlefield?

Ans. Dr. Sadao was not sent overseas with soldiers because he treated the General. He would not faith any Japanese surgeon. The second, Dr. Sadao, was a significant finder who would wipe the injury completely.

The Enemy Question Answers of Previous Year Long

(1) What conflicting ideas arise in Dr. Sadao’s mind after he has brought the wounded American soldier home? How is the conflict resolved?

Ans. After Sadao brought the injured American soldier home, he was picked by the strife between his sense of patriotism and his loyalty to his practice as a doctor. He also faced a massive dilemma as to whether he should treat a white person. With the war, an American was his enemy, and it was his duty to hand it over to the authorities.

However, the man was severely injured and needed immediate medical attention. Sadao is trained not to let a man die if he helps him. A sick or injured person, whatever his nationality, It was the moral duty of a doctor to treat it. In the end, his duty as a doctor forced him to help the enemy, thus resolving the conflict. Sadao considered human life above everything, in which his wife Hana also supported his decision.

(2) What was the General’s plan to get rid of the American prisoner? Was it executed? What traits of the General’s character are highlighted in the lesson ‘The Enemy?

Ans. Dr. Sadao was mentally tortured by the enemy’s presence in his house. His wife was also distraught. Finally, he clearly to notify the General about the enemy and thus got rid of him. The General planned that his thug would take care of the whole case; they would kill the enemy and even take his corpse. However, the General’s plan was not implemented. His murderer never arrived, and tired of the wait, Sadao helped the captive elopement.

The General was so absorbed in his illness that he had forgotten about the whole matter. He wanted Sadao not to notify anyone about this. Lest the General be accused of lack of patriotism or irresponsibility of duty, this shows that the General was an incredibly selfish man, only anxious about his safety and hubris. He also did not send Sadao to the battlefield, where he could protect thousands of soldiers’ lives, only because he needed his services.

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(3) Explain the reaction of the servants in Dr. Sadao’s house when he decided to give shelter to an enemy in the house.

Ans. Dr. Sadao’s housekeepers were simple-natured ruler men. They irrationally trusted his master solidary because he extended his stay as an American student. Yumi refuses to wash Tom. In the same vein, the old gardener stated that it was not right on the part of the master to heal the American sailor’s wound.

It is clear from their attitude that they are very patriotic. Although they are loyal to their country and move out of Sadao’s house because they had given asylum to an enemy, they did not disclose it to the authorities. This is because he has respect for his master. Self-preservation seems to have been his only motive for opposing his master’s move. This is not an exception, as all human beings have the right to protect themselves.

(4) What impression do you form about Dr. Sadao as a man and as a surgeon on your reading the chapter ‘The Enemy?

Ans. Dr.  Sadao is not only a brilliant surgeon, but he is also a brilliant human being. As we know through the chapter, we see the different colors of his character.  Dr.  Sadao was a renowned surgeon and scientist. He was about to correct a search that would completely clean the wounds.  The General trusted his life so much that he did not send it with the soldiers.

Dr. Sadao respected his father very much. His father wished he became a surgeon, and Sadao accomplished it. He also married Hana according to his father’s wishes. Sadao always a kind person. He saved the dying enemy. A man who was adamant about his decision did not allow him to pressurize the servants. He did everything to save the Americans, and he was also a patriot. He told Tom about the General without any fear. Throughout the story, he continued to call American his enemy.

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(5) Why did Sadao help the American soldier to escape? How did he do it?

Dr. Sadao is a ‘good man and a great surgeon, and he could not see the man whose life he had saved. At the General’s proposal, he was prepared to assassinate the prisoner, which made him quite nervous for three nights. He waited for the General’s assassins to arrive to kill the enemy, but when he found that the General had not sent his proposed assassins to kill Tom, he decided to save his life.

It shows a positive and human part of his visage. He settles a boat for her so that she could first go to a nearby island. They also provided him with food and clothes. He further stated that he could avoid Korean fishing boats. He offers her a flashlight and convinces her that he can use the flashlight if he takes food or anything out as he instructed. Dr. Sadao helped the man escape.

(6) Why did Sadao Hoki go to America? Narrate his experiences there.

Ans. Sadao went to America to study surgery and medicine as his father desired. He did not have a sound experience of living in America. He faced great difficulty in finding a place to live because he was Japanese. He believed that the Americans were full of prejudice, and for him, it was a bitter experience to be with him.

He intensely disliked the nescient and filthy woman, who agreed to let him live in her pathetic house. In the last year of her studies, she also cared for her when she suffered from influenza. He tried to be grateful to her, but he could not be repulsive, even being kind. Sadao was obliged to the good professors who taught well. At whose house he met Hana and instantly liked her. Therefore, he married her. However, he did not like the smell of his food, the small room, and his professor’s wife, who was very talkative, though he tried hard to be kind.

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(7) How would you explain the reluctance of the soldier to leave the shelter of the doctor’s home even when he knew he couldn’t stay there without risk to the doctor and himself?

Ans. Tom, The American prisoner of battle, was well aware that his life was saved by Sadao, although being a Japanese citizen, he could leave them on his own. He was aware of her sympathy for him. Furthermore, he understood that their home was a haven for him because they had lived in America and could transfuse with him in English lightly. The situation was not in his favor due to his poor health and severe wounds. Tom realized the compulsory goodness of Sadao and Hana. In the hearts of his own, he was very sure that they would not hand him over to the authorities who treated him inhumanely. Therefore, he was reluctant to leave Sadao home.

(8) Describe the difficulties faced by D r Sadao when he decided to help the enemy soldier.

Ans. Dr. Sadao was drawn by severe feelings of compassion for humanity and Tom. Just because Dr. Sadao had harassed an enemy, he faced a myriad of problems. The servants left the house in Talmud and continued to be a traitor. He told the General how the American prisoner of battle was washed away and the circumstances under which he was granted asylum at Sadao’s house.

The General understood his condition and assured him of sending assassins to repel the American. However, when no murderers reach for three nights, Sadao determines that he ‘could not leave from the second night’. He decided to save the life of the American sailor for the second time.

The Enemy Question Answers – NCERT Value-Based

(1) Do you think the doctor’s final solution to the problem was the best possible one in the circumstances?

Ans. When Dr. Sadao came to the prisoner of war, he first saved his life. As a doctor, he helped her save human life. Further, he proved himself loyal to his country by telling the General about the enemy. When the General gave Dr. Sadao was assured of sending personal assassins to alienate the American sailor, Dr. Sadao became nervous and probably blamed for betraying the person whose life he had saved. After three nights of sleep, he finally contemplates a clear plan to let the American war captive Tom escape.

By leaving him, Dr. Sadao proves that even if two countries are at battle, humanity’s religion does not change. Its basic principle is saving a human life, which Dr. Sadao does with the lab. In a way, Dr. Sadao spoke of the author, Pearl S. Buck, against the war and the hatred it generates among humans. Through Dr. Sadao, the author delivers a message of universal brotherhood, peace, and harmony. This is the best settlement to the problem.

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(2) There are moments in life when we have to make hard choices between our roles as private individuals and as citizens with a sense of national loyalty. Discuss with reference to the story you have just read.

Ans. There comes a time in every person’s life in which difficult situations have to be faced. A person is torn between his duty to his motherland and the moral responsibility to help a needy person. This is the same abeyance faced by Sadao. Patriotic oppidan of Japan was required to be handed over to an American oppidan to wage war during World War II. However, this is a short-sighted view of the situation. If we bring this hopeless reality to a humanist angle, then a doctor must save human life.

As a doctor, one must not distinguish between an enemy and an ally. How could Sadao kill Tom? Similarly, Hana symbolizes humanity and kindness and cannot leave an injured person to die. When Yumi, Reigns, thinks not to wash a dirty white man, she says, “Is this a man, but a wounded helpless man?” Mainly Sadao goes through a brutal mental struggle. Justify the enemy. They cannot deem what to do with Tom. Events lead Sadao to let the prisoner of war escape safely.

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