The Last Lesson Summary Class 12 in Hindi & English

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At this moment you will learn – NCERT class 12 Flamingo Book Chapter 1 – The Last Lesson Summary in Hindi and English, theme, justify the title, complex word meaning.

Who is the author of The Last Lesson?

The last lesson author name – Alphonse Daudet. He was born in 1840 in France & Died in 1897.

The Last Lesson Summary in English

The Last Lesson set in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, in which Prussia, led by Bismarck, defeated France, and the French districts of Alsace and Lorraine entered Prussia’s hands.

The last lesson story has two protagonists, M. Hamel and Franz.

M. Hamel studied French language at a school and Franz is one of his students.

The story tells how war proves to be a transformative event for both.

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Introduction: Franz is not keen on going to school

One day Franz goes to school very late in the morning, when his French teacher M. Hamel was about to ask him a question about Participles.

About which Franz knew nothing. Terrified of being scolded by the teacher, Franz decided to spend the whole day outside.

The weather was also good, the chirping of the birds and the Prussian soldiers in the open fields behind the sawmill was much more attractive than the rules of the participants.

However, Franz is able to fight the school’s enthusiasm when he leads the school, seeing a crowd in front of a bulletin board as he passes the town hall.

All the terrible news of the last two years is heard on that board, so he thought that mattered, because he was in a hurry but he went on and on.

Then he was called by a blacksmith and told that it was too late to reach the school. He thought he was making fun of her. Then he reached school gasping.

He opened the door and saw all the students were sitting on their seats. He was blushing and was very scared.

M. Hamel politely asked him to sit on his seat.

After Franz calmed down, he noticed that M. Hamel was wearing a slightly different outfit.  Which Hamel used to wear only on special occasions.

One more thing surprises him that the back bench was always empty but today it

What surprised Frenz the most was that the back benches were always empty, but that day all the villagers were sitting on it.

They all looked unlucky, and there was sadness on their faces.

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Franz was still thinking as he noticed the changes around him.

When M. Hamel climbed into his chair and made a terrifying announcement to the class that today was his last French lesson that I would give you guys.

This order is an order to teach only German in schools from Berlin to Alsace and Lorraine.

And he will leave the school after that day. These words were like a thunderbolt to little Franz. Now he remembered the meeting in the town hall.

Franz was surprised by the sudden turn of the transaction. He regretted that he had not learned a lesson when he had time.

Now, he will never be able to learn them. He had wasted his precious time away from class, engulfing himself in small tasks.

Such as searching for bird eggs, glistening on essence, etc. His books, which were a nuisance to him,

Suddenly Franz felt like old friends. He would never see his teacher again, and his feelings for M. Hamel began to change as well.

It was to honor the last lesson that he was dressed well today, and the people of the village gathered there to say thanks to him and show their value to their country.

While Franz was thinking about all this, M. Hamel asked him questions about Participles, but unfortunately he got confused at first words. He was blushing and stood holding his desk.

M. Hamel said he would not defeat Franz. He criticized the people of Alsace for not learning until the next day. He blamed himself and his parents for not giving interest in his studies.

Often, he would send students to water their plants or give them a break when they went hunting to go fishing;  It was his fault.

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Importance of mother tongue

M. Hamel talked about the French language when he called it the most attractive, clearest and most logical language in the world. He wanted the people of France to maintain their language among themselves.

According to him, whenever people of a particular country are imprisoned, they fast for their language;  It’s like they have the keys to the prison.

M. Hamel opened a grammar book and qualified it for the final text summary. Franz was surprised to see how well he understood everything.

He thought that maybe he never paid much attention to class and M. Hamel never explained everything so patiently. After that he had a written text.

M. Hamel brought him new copies that day, and everyone was engrossed in their work. Even small children sitting in the class were tracing their fish hooks as if they were French.

Final goodbye of the last lesson summary

All this while, M. Hamel remained motionless in his chair, when Franz thought that M. Hamel was watching this classroom scene.

40 years of support, M. Hamel had worked faithfully in his school, and was about to leave.

His sister was packing his luggage.  All this is heartbreaking for him. In the “final lesson”, that was the lesson of history.

Anyway, if a person does some work with complete impunity, then in the end someone becomes emotional.

Some even started to cry, but M. Hamel listened to each “final lesson summary” with courage and patience. Finally, as the church clock struck twelve, M. Hamel stood up straight.

He was impressed too. He tried to speak but suffocated. Then he turned to the blackboard and wrote Vive la France as big as he could! It means long-lived France. Then he dismissed the class, signaling everyone to leave.

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The Last Lesson Word Meaning Of NCERT Book

The given page numbers correspond to the pages in the CBSE class 12 the last lesson summary NCERT textbook.

The Last Lesson Summary Class 12 in Hindi & English

List of word meaning of chapter the last lesson summary:

  • Dread- fear, phobia, terror, apprehension, misgiving
  • Drilling- practice, exercises, exercise, training, praxis
  • Resist- resistance, opposition, protest, opposite, antagonism
  • Apprentice- trainee, seminaries, novitiate
  • Bustle- stir, bustling, ado, commotion, clutter
  • Unison- harmony, consistency, consistency, adjustment, correspondence
  • Rapping- incrimination, knocks, clatter, dab, take the rap
  • Counted on- rely upon, rest, depend, rely on, keep the faith, remain
  • Commotion- stir, bustling, bustle, ado, clutter
  • Blushed- abash, be shy, make ashamed, feel abashed, put to shame
  • Solemn- serious, grave, profound, sedate, heavy
  • Thunderclap- thunderbolt, wallop, thunder peal, thunder stroke
  • Wretches- poor creature, poor soul, poor thing, poor unfortunate
  • Saar- a river in Western Germany, Rising in the Vosges Mountains in eastern France
  • Cranky- lank, scrawny, slight, scraggy, spindly
  • Puts off- avert, avoid, stave off, cast aside, defer, postpone
  • Reproach- disdain, scorn, spurn, mock, disparagement
  • At one stroke- Instant effect in a single action
  • Twined- pull, jerk, tug, twist, twitch, pinch, squeeze
  • Angelus- the bells in the tower above tolled the first Angelus
  • Bearing on- touch, relate, come to, pertain, refer, concern, touch on, continue, preserve, and carry on
  • Vive La France- long live France
  • Mounted- ascend, entrain, swarm up (to climb on something)
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The Last Lesson Summary Class 12 in Hindi and English – The Last Lesson Summary and difficult word meaning can help you grasp the proper knowledge and full aggregate marks in English subjects’ CBSE board exams.

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