Message Writing For Class 6 – Format & Best Examples

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A suitable message writing for class 6 always improve your writing skills, However in this article you will consider the formats, tips and best examples of how to create a meaningful message.

What is Message Writing for Class 6

A message is a small piece of information shared from one person to another that cannot be shared directly. It can be said by verbal and text format.

The message is via telephonic conservation but the person to whom the message is sent is not available. The other person receives and goes through the verbal and written format.

Format of Message Writing for Class 6 in English

Write a suitable message writing format for class 6 with the help of five basic elements:

1. Heading

At the top of middle, the word “MESSAGE” will be written in bold and capital letters.

2. Date & time

Write the date at the bottom of left and the time of day you’re composing the message on the right side.

3. Salutation

It is very important to address the reader so that one can avoid making any mistakes and be polite.

4. Body

It is the main content of your message, provide all the information details you need to tell the person you are unable to contact. Don’t write unnecessary details to make the message long or bored.

5. Address

When you have written the body of the message, on the left side of the page, write your name or what is given in question, so that the reader can know who has sent the message.

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Guidelines for Message Writing for Class 6

Right direction always lead to your success ways, so let’s remember a few essential points when writing messages.

  • Message should always be enclosed in a box.
  • Word limit should not exceed 50 words.
  • Use appropriate language that the reader is comfortable with reading.
  • Avoid grammatical accuracy and spelling mistakes.
  • It’s written in indirect or reported speech.
  • Don’t add extra information to the message, stick to the main point.
  • Include the correct date and time when composing the message. Example: 15th February, 20XX

Solved Examples of Message Writing for Class 6 CBSE / ICSE

Question 1: Read the following conversation and write a message accordingly:

Jack: Hello!  Is it 9876543210?

David: Yes. May I know who is there?

Jack: I’m Jack, Kevin’s friend. Can i talk to him?

David: Oh!  Sorry. Actually he has forgotten his mobile here. He has gone to the market. Can i help you please?

Jack: Oh, sure. In fact, I wanted to tell him that today’s English class has been suspended due to ill health of the teacher. Will be held on Sunday. So he should remember. Can you please pass this message on to him?

David: Oh sure!  Thanks.

Jack: Take care



7th February, 20XX 10:00 am

Dear Kevin

Your friend Kevin from English class called in your absence. He called and informed that today’s English class has been suspended. Because the health of the teacher is bad. Instead, it will be held on Sunday. That’s why she wants you to recall it.


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Question 2: Write a message of no more than 50 words based on the following conversation. You are Kajal, the telephonic conversation between your sister’s friend Swati.

Swati: Is it 98765XXXXX?

Kajal: Yes, please

Swati: Can I talk to Sanjana?

Kajal: Sanjana is not at home, any message for her.

Swati: Today I plan to go to the movies at Dimond Cinemas at 4 pm. I have booked ticket in advance. So please ask Sanjana to join me.

Kajal: Okay, I will inform her when she comes back.



7th March, 20XX 02:00 pm

Dear Sanjana

Swati calls in your absence to inform that she has planned to watch a movie at Diamond Cinema at 4 PM. He has already booked the ticket. So join him at that place.


Question 3: You are Shyam, this morning you got a call from your brother’s friend Rohan but he had gone to the market to get vegetables. Rohan calls and tells that when Shivam comes from market then you tell him that tomorrow he will not come to school, he will go to another city with his mother. Write a message for your brother.



12th June, 20XX 8:00 am

Dear Brother

Your friend Rohan called when you went to the market to get vegetables away. He called and informed that tomorrow he will not come to school because he is going to another city with his mother.


Marking Scheme of Message Writing for Class 6

A proper question of message writing format always sets high marks in CBSE / ICSE board exams.

A total five marks have been allotted for message writing for class 6.

Message Writing Topics for Class 6

When you want to write a message but you are confused on which topic to write the message, then below are some important and current message writing topics.

  • Your brother is not at home and his friends call him and plan the evening to go shopping in the big mall of his city, which he will pay for himself.
  • Mother’s absence, her sister calls her mother to give a message that she is coming tomorrow.
  • Sharma uncle called from the office that tomorrow the office is closed, write a message to your father.

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FAQs: Message Writing for Class 6

1. What is the format of writing message?

A total 5 significant of message writing format for young students:

  • Heading
  • Date & time
  • Salutations
  • Body of the message
  • Address

Notice Writing for Class 6: You will learn how to write a message with important tips, topics, guidelines and best examples. Another that you have any questions regarding notice writing for class 6 So without wasting time comment below. Our teams solved your queries about message writing for class 6.

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