Poster Making Class 11 & 12 (Examples + Format Writing)

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Designing an attractive format of “poster making class 11 & 12” requires right guidelines  and utmost creativity that’s boost your poster writing skills and secure 100% marks.


A poster is a placard of large number of sight communication displayed in a public place to invitation/ announcement/advertisement/appeal/notice to the general public/ creates social awareness about any problem.

A posters is making or designing through the text and images.


A poster making express to show your text formation, creativity, and how to express your writing skills, hand writing etc.

Format of Poster Making Class 11 & 12

The poster writing format divided into three section:

1. Layout of a poster

  • Visually attractive and eye-catching
  • Catchy heading/title that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Use a slogan or short verse
  • Use clauses
  • Drawing a simple sketch or drawing of a matchstick
  • State the message clearly
  • Leave proper proportionate spacing

2. Content of a poster

  • Theme/subject
  • Description/details associated theme
  • Mention details like date, day, time & venue
  • Name of issuing authority/organization
  • Any additional useful information

Suggest: Write a letter to the Editor

3. Expression of a poster

  • Designing/Creativity
  • use appropriate language
  • Minimum word limit 50
  • Generally used is present tense or future tense
  • Use different style fonts

Essential Guidelines for Making a Poster

  • A poster should be clear and short.
  • Write headings in dark and bold letters.
  • Highlight the main information and important point.
  • Address a poster with small, clear and bold letters that grab the reader’s attention. 
  • Use phrases, slogans and creativity in the poster to improve your performance.
  • A poster should have bigger / bold / capital letters because it is focus by the public from a distance.
  • The format of a poster is always designed to be placed in a public view, so it should be designed in such a way that attract the concentration of passersby and interest in the poster.

Suggest: Notice writing format

Poster Writing Examples for class 11 & 12

Q1. Design a poster about preserving nature and protecting the environment.

Q2. Draft a poster in no more than 50 words to create awareness among people, highlighting this topic that eating safe and healthy food is essential to leading a happy life.

Suggest: Article writing format

Q3. The tap water scheme launched by the Prime Minister is always bad and a lot of water gets wasted due to non-correction on time. Design a poster of no more than 50 words to make people aware about the need to save water.

Q4. You Rohit/Riya, class 10 student of DAV Public School. Design a poster not more than 50 word about Durga mela to informing all students about the various programs and activities.

Q5. Design a poster for promoting the need for joining the Defence Services (Minimum 50 words).

Suggest: Report writing format class 12

Q6. You are Vivek/ Vandana of Jawahar High School, Kalyanpur. Design a poster for promoting good health through health mela in your school compound. Draft a poster to make people aware against the increasing infection of covid-19.

Q7. Many laws and rules have been made by the government to remove child labour, but till now it has not been fully successful. Due to this, the child does not get proper education, good healthy and bright future, as well as their childhood should also be taken away from them. Draft a poster on the occasion of child labour prohibition day.

Q8. You are Suraj/Supriya, a student of class 9, when you were returning home from school you saw some people on the side of the road were smoking with great pleasure which is very harmful to our health, looking at all these wrong practices  So, prepare a poster in less than 50 words mentioning how harmful smoking is for us.

Q9. Every day many people in our country lose their breath in road accidents. Design a poster to be displayed on various highways in your locality in less than 50 words, highlighting road safety.

Poster Writing Topics for Class 11 & 12

  • Global warming
  • Independence day
  • Air pollution
  • Save electricity
  • Women empowerment
  • Destroy plastic and save trees
  • Yoga Competition
  • Blood donation camp
  • Eye donation
  • Wildlife conservation

Poster Making Class 11 and 12 in English: You know how to make an attractive format of poster writing for any class. If you have any hesitation regarding poster writing format, you will connect with me.

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