The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English Explanation 2022

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The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English – At this moment you will learn – NCERT Class 12 Flamingo Book Chapter 4 – The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English, theme, justify the title and explanation.

About the author: Selma Lagerlof

Selma Lagerlof (1858-1940) was a Swedish writer. His stories have been adapted into many languages. The Rattrap Story is based on mines in Sweden that are rich in iron ore. This story gives us the message that understanding, love and nature of the goodness of man can make people better.

The Rattrap Summary Class 12 English

Once upon a time, there was a very poor man who used to sell small rattrap but his earnings were not enough that he could live his life.

This business was not profitable for him, so he had to beg and resort to theft to survive.

He was alone in this world and one day when engrossed in his thoughts about the rattrap, he had a very amusing thought that the world was a big rat.

Because life gives us various types of sorrows in the form of pleasures and facilities. In the same way, this world is also a trap of a rattrap and it gives us more sorrows.

Once in the evening he was searching for his place because he had no house. Then went to a small brown cottage and spent the whole night there.

Whose owner was an old man. Those who had no children or wife were, so that if anyone lived in their house, they felt happy.

They always used to earn their living by farming, but now due to lack of body support, they left farming and kept cows, which was their last resort.

The two talked for a while, and after a while the old man told the stranger that he had received thirty kronor in full payment last month. The two talked for a long time and both had fallen asleep.

The next morning both the men got up early and the landowner got engaged in the service of his cow and the unknown person left after thanking them.

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After some time again the person selling the rattrap came and broke the glass of the window and took out the wallet of the landlord by putting his hand inside.

He felt very happy to get the patua but then felt himself disgusted by going through the public road and went through the forest path.

Due to being a huge forest, that path used to go astray from where he used to walk. He had spent many days there in the dark of night. This added to his sadness and despair.

He sat there because he was very tired and thought that his last moment had come. Then he heard the sound of hammer thumping. And then staggered and walked in the direction of the sound.

After some time, he reached an ironmaster who smelt iron. Which at that time was a large plant with a smelter, rolling mill and forge. Amidst the different sounds coming from the loud work, he entered the iron handcart.

It was quite common for vagabonds like him to be attracted to the warmth and shelter of the forge, so they were neglected by blacksmiths. The master blacksmith had given him permission to stay.

Loudly soon, the Ironmaster came to the forge for his inspection and saw the Ragamuffin. She mistook him for an old regimental comrade and addressed him as Nils Olof.

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The peddler did not try to dispel his doubts, as he thought the Ironmaster might give him some money but invited him to the house. The peddler thought that going to the manor house would be like throwing himself voluntarily into the lion’s den. So he declined the invitation.

Then the Ironmaster’s daughter invited. The next morning he is stopped somehow for Christmas Eve by the Ironmaster’s daughter, even after being caught that he was a peddler and not Captain Stable.

The day after Christmas, when the Iron Master and his daughter go to church, they learn that the rattrap peddler robbed an old crofter and that he is a thief.

The iron master and his daughter are deeply remorseful for sheltering a thief and wonder what he may have stolen by that time. But when they reached home. So the owner of the iron asked Yalett if the peddler was still there.

The servant informs him that the man is gone but he has not taken anything with him. Instead, he presented a rat to Edla and inside the rattrap were three crinkled ten kroner notes and a thank you letter. In which he requests her to return the stolen money to the crofter.

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